The Impact of Third Party Logistic on the Supply Chain Process in The Case Of Tesco Plc - Essay Example

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The unique approach, with which the companies adopt the distribution and supply management currently, has been the guarantor of its success. According to Chopra and Meindl, companies in any sector, whether it is retailing or manufacturing adopt the modern and sophisticated methods of operation (2003). …
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The Impact of Third Party Logistic on the Supply Chain Process in The Case Of Tesco Plc
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Download file to see previous pages There are associated different advantages with the effective third party logistics. The advantages of the third party logistics include improvements in the efficiency of labor, increase in the efficiency of the IT, improvement in the customer’s satisfaction and the effective implementation of the supply chain management systems. Table of Contents ACKNOWLEDGEMENT 5 DECLARATION 5 ABSTRACT 5 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 5 Outline of the Study 5 Background of the Research 5 Problem Statement 5 Research Aims 5 Research Objectives 5 Significance of the study 5 Rationale of the study 5 Research Questions 5 Electronic data base searches 5 CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW 5 Supply Chain Management 5 Third- Party Logistics 5 Overview of the Company 5 Tesco Plc and the Third-party Logistics 5 Pitfalls 5 Strategic objective in the Supply Chain 5 Supply Chain Management (SCM) 5 Retail Sector 5 Principles for managing the Supply Chain 5 Principle No. 1: 5 Principle No. 2: 5 Principle No. 3: 5 Principle No. 4: 6 Principle No. 5: 6 Principle No. 6: 6 Principle No. 7: 6 Supply Chain Decisions 6 Location Decisions 6 Production Decisions 6 Inventory Decisions 6 Transportation Decisions 6 Impact of Effective Third Party Logistics 6 CHAPTER 3: METHODOLOGY 6 Research Plan / Methodology Perspective 6 Research Design 6 Rationale for a Qualitative Study 6 Rationale for a Quantitative Study 6 Philosophical Framework or Paradigm 6 Appropriate Method 6 Selection of Methods 6 Data Collection Methods 6 Instrument for data collection 6 Data Analysis 6 Justification Method 6 Strength and weakness of the mixed research 6 Strengths 6 Weaknesses 6 Literature Search 6 Reliability/Dependability 6 Validity 6 Ethical Considerations 6 CHAPTER 4: DISCUSSION AND...
Just like other activities, the Supply Chain Management is one of the advanced methodologies to ensure a proper and sophisticated supply and distribution of the goods and services by the firms in an industry.
This proposal, and the thesis based on it, discusses the concept of the Supply Chain Process and the impact of third party logistics on it. In order to elaborate on the literature review of the subject, the research has been done analytically through the case study approach. For that purpose, the case of Tesco Plc has been considered and a comprehensive view of the topic has been provided in the company’s context. In order to provide a structure to the study, the exploration has been guided through the use of research methodologies, the collection of data through secondary research and the interpretation of the results.
Background of the Research
For the purpose of researching upon the company, Tesco has been considered to be analyzed in terms of the supply chain process. The investigation will also be performed to judge the impact of third party logistics on the supply chain processes of the organization. According to Rayport and Sviokla (2006), Tesco plc is merchandise and the global grocery retailer based in Cheshunt, United Kingdom. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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