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A New HR Strategy for CCD Construction - Essay Example

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The company should revamp its HR policy because the current policy is insufficient to cater to the needs of the organization. Also the current strategies do not blend with the business of the company. The new HR strategy should focus on team based structures that will empower the employees…
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A New HR Strategy for CCD Construction
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Download file to see previous pages CCDC is a construction company that was formed in 2007 after the merger of two construction companies. After the merger the company made many changes in the human resource policy. Around 3,000 employees were laid off in 4 years and the company tried to flatten its organizational structure. CCDC was formed by the merger of two firms. One of those firms catered to small clients and other catered to large clients. This main difference had repercussions on the human resource management policies of the company. The current HR policy of the company focuses on flattening of structures and constant feedbacks from employees. The policy is also aiming for employee training and coaching style management. All these strategies cannot go well for the company because they contradict the organization and business strategy. In this report a new HR policy is suggested to the top management of the company. The HR strategy will include the organizational structure and culture, reward management system, job design and employee relation. The new HR strategy will be discussed keeping in mind the aims and objectives of the business of CCDC.
Human Resource Strategy for CCDC

When devising a human resource strategy it is important to keep in mind the dynamics of the company. Employees of CCDC were previously working for a different company and therefore they had a different understanding of company’s policy. The new HR strategy should be focused on giving the employees a proper direction. The organizational culture of the two companies (which were merged to form CCDC) was also not similar. This must be tackled in the new HR strategy for the company. The structure of the company should also fit the business operations of the company and the same is true for organizational culture. It is also important to motivate employees through different types of rewards. Employee relation is also essential in operating a construction company as big as CCDC. Organizational Structure and Culture Organizational structure of CCDC should be vertical so that employees can report to their superiors in a proper and orderly fashion. The current HR policy of the company is aiming for a flatter organizational structure. This is not good for a company like CCDC because it is a huge organization. Flatter structures are also appropriate for small organization or they are applicable in innovation oriented businesses. Construction business is all about controlling employees so that they can complete the work that is assigned to them. For this purpose a tall organizational structure should be used. The company should also form a team based structure at the project level. Evidence suggests that team based struct ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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