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CCDC Organization Chart for HR Leaders - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of this report “ CCDC Organization Chart for HR Leaders” is to present a brief summary of the case study for CCDC based on the company profile and circumstances and a recommendation for human resource (HR) strategy. …
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CCDC Organization Chart for HR Leaders
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Download file to see previous pages Completing a merger and financially sound, this construction company is located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and looks to the future to gain further competitive advantage with its’ human resource strategies. b. Key HR Objectives for Year Five i. Establish an HR Framework (See Appendix A) ii. Establish HR Measures aligned with Customer metrics iii. HR Strategic Objectives to work toward - Five priorities in Year Five (Five in Five): 1. Develop a culture that reflects CCDC Today and in the Future 2. Develop a succession planning process and implement process 3. Establish proper HR staffing levels and HR Staff as Strategic Business Partners 4. Identify key HR functions/objectives in relationship to Framework Stages 1 – 4 to allow maximum HR goal setting and achievement. 5. Develop and Implement a Performance Management System. 2. Introduction a. The purpose of this report is to present a brief summary of the case study for CCDC based on the company profile and circumstances and a recommendation for human resource (HR) strategy. The creation of the company, CCDC, is a result of two smaller construction companies merging in 2007. The services provided are project management and civil engineering, full design and construction services, and construction services for public and private clients. ...
ategic business objectives involve reducing the levels in the chain of command; implementing a coaching method of management rather than autocratic; maintain financial success; and ensure high quality services, meet the health and safety needs of staff, meet environmental standards, and improvements made in networks and purchasing agreements. c. While there has been an emphasis on HR policies and initiatives to support these objectives, there is also a question as to whether HR practices add value and how the effects of HR on the organizational culture may be evaluated. 3. Problems and Issues a. First, Cabrera and Cabrera (2003) and Rose and Kumar (2006) would note the lack of a human resource strategic framework. CCDC lacks an overall HR strategic framework that HR objectives, programs, training, and policies can fall within or under. The framework could then be used by the leaders when they are conducting their strategic planning to avoid placing the leaders in the position to do the business planning, then step out of the planning and pass the business objectives to HR to do the work from a support standpoint – resulting in a disconnect (Porter, 1996). Both HR and the business need to be operating as one. There are resulting comments regarding HR functioning in a support role, which is counter to business needs. b. Second, once the framework is in place, CCDC needs the development of human resource strategic objectives and tactics that are an extension of the framework and the operational strategies as found in the literature rather than a reaction to operational requests. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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