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Performance Management System Analysis of Google - Essay Example

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In an organization, Performance Management can be described as the process that evaluates whether the goals and objectives are met in a consistent and effective manner or not. This process is carried out at multiple levels – the performance of the entire organization, a particular department, a team or at an individual level…
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Performance Management System Analysis of Google
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Download file to see previous pages This research aims to understand the performance management system of an organization and evaluate its objectives, policies and procedures, and to identify problems if any. Furthermore, the research would highlight the strengths and the weaknesses of the performance management system and recommend improvements. In this research, the performance management system of the Google office in X, United Kingdom is analyzed in detail. The organization has many different internal teams, but the overall process for performance management has been streamlined across the organization.

Rational and Methodology
Google is a very performance oriented organization. Being a part of the dynamic internet industry, it is of top priority that the employees and the management perform to their optimal levels and keep on improving towards the mission and goal of the organization. This company was chosen because Google has been an organization that has revolutionized the internet industry; it is considered to be one of the best places to work in and because of its innovation as well as aggression. These reasons give an indication that the organization would have a strong and robust workforce that works collectively towards a common mission. Any strong and robust workforce would also be managed with the help of a performance management system that makes sure that the activities done by the employees align with the goals of their respective teams and with the larger mission of the organizations....
ystem that makes sure that the activities done by the employees align with the goals of their respective teams and with the larger mission of the organizations. The methodology for evaluating the performance management system was carried out through semi-structured interviews with a group of managers, human resource professionals as well as through the employees (total of 35 employees were interviewed). This was chosen as the methodology of research because it would not only provide insights about the system, but it will also give an indication of the different perspectives that employees and management have about the system in place. The semi-structured interview also gives scope for some open ended questions through which further detailed insights and opinions can be found out. According to the research done by Creswell (2007), semi-structured type of interview allows the researcher to lead a very informal discussion and conversation based on predetermined topics. Therefore, a semi-structured methodology of was decided upon. The research was done keeping all the ethical considerations in place and the respondents were chosen through a random selection. Once the information was collected, a subjective evaluation was done of the responses. In this research, quantitative analysis of data was not done because the key aim of the research was to understand and evaluate the performance management system. The information from each individual was collated to find out key facts and information related to the performance management system. Performance Management in the Organization Structure The structure of the Performance Management system in the Google office has multiple layers to it. Many different activities, such as informal chat with the employees to formal system of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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