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Google Company - Research Paper Example

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This paper highlights that Google Company is a leading universal technology-based organization that is focused on improving the ways people get in touch with information and it maintains an index of websites and other content and makes the information freely obtainable to anyone…
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Google Company
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Download file to see previous pages Google Company, which is one of the principal internet search engines globally, specializes in advertising services and internet search engines. The company operates in among other countries, the United States of America and UK. The services and products of Google Company are free of charge and they are mainly offered through and it's one hundred and sixty other international domains, such as,,,, and The interface of Google is available in more than one hundred and seventeen languages.
Considering the strengths, opportunities, threats, and weaknesses, it is sure that Google has a bright future. The company has great potential for serious growth and can achieve unprecedented profits under good leadership.
Google’s history dates back to the mid-1990s when Stanford University Ph.D. students Larry Page and Sergey Brin collaborated to develop technology for a search engine. Page and Brin began collaboration on a search engine known as BackRub in 1996. Two years later, Page and Brin raised $1 million in funding from venture firms and private investors to start Google1. Google Company was incorporated in 1998, where at first; it answered 10,000 search queries daily.
PC Magazine in 98 named Google one of the top 100 search engines and websites. At the beginning of 1999, Google Company moved its headquarters to University Avenue in, California; Palo Alto. Google grew steadily to a point of covering over 75% of United States web search market by 20042. Though Google is the leading player in the internet search market, it has to contend with its rivals in the field where there is no long time entry barrier.
In consideration of the company’s remarkable records, economic performance and tremendous growth over the year, it is no doubt that Google faces a myriad of challenges. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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