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Management Principles - Essay Example

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The report describes the meaning of management and management principles. It further explores the difference between management and leadership supported with a real life example of a business manager and a business leader belonging to Folio3 Incorporation. …
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Management Principles
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Download file to see previous pages These fundamental rules are called management principles and are applied by managers and leaders belonging to different organizations. For example, under the ‘directing’ activity of management, a manager should show equity, that is, he should be fair and kind to the employees working under him. We will further understand the meaning of management, management principles and related terms as we continue with our report. Differences between a Business Manager and a Business Leader Management and leadership are misunderstood to be the exactly the same thing. These terms are related; however, there is slight difference between the scopes of these terms. If we consider leadership as being a set of activities, management is, hence, a subset of leadership but not a proper subset. This suggests that leadership has a larger scope of activities of which management is also a part. The manger’s job is to plan, coordinate and organize and the leader’s job is to motivate and inspire. The difference between a business manager and a business leader can be listed as below: 1. A leader innovates whereas a manager administers. 2. A leader inspires trust whereas a manager controls 3. A leader focuses on people whereas a manager focuses on structures and systems. 4. A leader has a long range of view whereas a manager has a short range of view in terms of the objectives. 5. A leader develops whereas a manager maintains. 6. A leader works with the questions of what and why whereas a manager uses the questions how and when. 7. A leader is original and natural; hence does the right things whereas a manager imitates; hence does the things right. (Murray, 2010, as cited in Bennis, 1989). Folio3, Software House: An Incorporation of Management and Leadership Folio3 is a...
This paper approves that the number of projects that Folio3 receives from its clients determines the number of project teams that are established in the Company. Each project is assigned to a group of teams. These teams are concerned and work on different areas of the project. For example, banking management software is assigned to a project group which has the following teams: analysis team, development team, design team and others. A project group is supervised by a manager. Each team inside a project group is in charge of a team leader or a head in other words. For example, the development team is run by a single leader or head under which programmers are working as sub-ordinates. The size of a project group depends on the size of the project. In this way, a manager is supervising the project group having a number of teams each in charge of a leader or a head.
Management and leadership are misunderstood to be the exactly the same thing. These terms are related; however, there is slight difference between the scopes of these terms. If we consider leadership as being a set of activities, management is, hence, a subset of leadership but not a proper subset. This suggests that leadership has a larger scope of activities of which management is also a part.
This essay makes a conclusion that the concept of management and leadership is changing as the world is advancing. Their activities are separated as well. Leadership is mainly categorized by activities of motivation and inspiration of the workforce while management is mainly categorized by organizing and monitoring the activities of the workforce. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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