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The concept of organisational culture has evolved to be one of the most major and controversial issues in the 21st century management approach. It has frequently been envisaged to play a crucial role in shaping the organisational structure and has a significant influence upon the policies and performances of the company…
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Management of Human and Organisation
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Download file to see previous pages It is further stated to be a key success factor for corporate in the modern day scenario. As stated by the experts, organisational culture of a specific company differs from one market area to another, influencing the structure of the organisation to a large extent. Thus, it tends to consider almost every factor embraced within the organisational structure which defines the concept to be complex and theoretical at times (Black, 2003).
Considering the various aspects of organisational culture, the main objective of the paper will be to comprehend an appropriate definition of the concept with references to the studies conducted by various experts. Due to the fact that organisational culture influences every facet of the entire organisational structure, it is quite certain that differing cultures will also have diverse impacts on the performances of the employees (Black, 2003). This will require different motivating schemes for every particular business unit which will be analysed in the further discussion of the paper. The facts obtained from the research will be related to a global business organisation, i.e. Nokia Corporation so as to provide a pragmatic portrayal of the research findings. To be mentioned, the research will be conducted through a qualitative approach based on the secondary data and descriptive analysis intending to answer the identified research problem.
2.0 Literature Review 2.1 Definition of Organisational Culture The introduction of the concept, ‘Organisational Culture’ can be identified in the late 1980s. Thus, it has been in frequent use in managerial theories for decades. However, the concept evidently lacks in a synchronised definition. Studies reveal that the sole meaning of the concept differs for particular individual and organisation. Where few experts state the meaning of organisational culture to be the operating psychology of an organisation, few others depict it as the determined values of an organisation (Reiman & Oedewald, 2002). Since the introduction of the concept, authors have deliberately intended to define it. But there were few major flaws witnessed in the definitions provided by authors in 1990s. For instance, most of the definitions lacked providing an unambiguous description regarding the components of organisational culture, aim of the concept, and the probable strategies to achieve the aims. It is in this context that the modern day studies have revealed various aspects which provide an in-depth description about the motive and the major attributes of the concept considering economic along with social perspectives of culture (Willcoxson & Millett, 2003). In the modern day phenomenon, with the growing importance of the concept various authors have intended to provide a well-defined meaning of ‘Organisational Culture’. According to Serrat (2009), culture in an organisation signifies the mode of interaction exercised within the organisation among the employees and also with the external parties. As defined by the author, “Organizational culture comprises the attitudes, experiences, beliefs, and values of the organization, acquired through social ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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