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Controversies in Keystone Pipeline Project - Case Study Example

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 This study "Controversies in Keystone Pipeline Project" focuses upon identifying and exploring the economic issue of whether this project will actually result in stimulation for the economy besides creating jobs for both the countries. The study considers criticism of the project…
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Controversies in Keystone Pipeline Project
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Extract of sample "Controversies in Keystone Pipeline Project"

Download file to see previous pages Considering the overall length of the pipeline and its design, there have been different issues, which have been highlighted. One of the key criticisms and serious issues to be dealt with is the environmental impact of this pipeline on various areas. Apart from this, there are also economic and political issues involved in the construction of this pipeline project.
 It was considered as an important project to provide $7 Billion stimuli besides creating approximately 200,000 jobs in the country. However, there have been conflicting estimations regarding the consequence of the project on the economy. Greenpeace, one of the leading campaigning organizations also appealed to the SEC to scrutinize the claim of the project creating 200,000 jobs during its entire construction period. President Obama was also quoted as being said that the overall jobs created by the project will be around 2000. There have also been issues regarding the capacity utilization of the pipelines as it has been suggested that pipeline may create serious capacity issues considering the overall construction cost involved in the production of this pipeline.
It has also been suggested that this pipeline may not yield benefits to the local oil supply as it has been constructed to actually export the Canadian oil to China. This argument, therefore, suggests that such heavy expenditure on the construction of the pipeline may not result into the same level of economic benefits being transferred to the local economy especially the States which are offering tax exemptions to this project (Flynn, 2012).
The problem herein is a case with the Keystone pipeline project, which was mainly constructed to create an economic stimulus of more than $ 7 million, and more than 200, 000 jobs to the youths. The project upon completion has elicited a series of conflicting opinions from many people across the two regions.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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