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The City of Hong Kong - Research Paper Example

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The City of Hong Kong Introduction The city of Hong Kong is the most superior administrative region of China. The city is positioned on the south coast of China (Cheng, 270). Hong Kong is connected with the South China Sea and Pearl River Delta. The city is popular around the globe for its enriched natural harbor and expansive skylines…
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The City of Hong Kong
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Extract of sample "The City of Hong Kong"

Download file to see previous pages The city is surrounded by the South Sea of China on the south, west and east and borders Shenzhen city to the northern part over the river of Shenzhen. The 426 sq m. territory consists of Kowloon peninsula, New Territory and Hong Kong Island. Hong Kong’s land area is the 179th largest populated territory in the globe. Despite of being intensely urbanized, the city has tried to promote a green pollution free environment. Recent growing concern of public about the environment has prompted the harsh restriction of future land reclamation. The city’s environment has suffered from the increasing population as well as from the ever increasing rate of pollution (Goldcast, 167). Nearly about 80% of the smog of Hong Kong used to originate from several parts of Pearl River Delta. Population Density The population density of Hong Kong is 6782.92 as reported in the year 2010. Population density in Hong Kong is 6696.5. In terms of population, it is the largest city within China. In Hong Kong, urban agglomerations’ population of more than 1 million is 6982287.0. In terms of percentage, it is more than 100%. Raw Material, Principle Products and Industries The city is not enriched with raw materials. The territory has limited natural resources and little arable land. Therefore, the city used to import most of its raw materials and foods from other countries. The agricultural activity is not that much important to the economy of Hong Kong. The agricultural activity used to contribute just 0.1% of its total GDP. The city is the 11th major trading entity of World. Moreover, Hong Kong is world’s largest re-export sector. The city is the major and one of the leading producer and exporter of textiles, watches, toys, apparels, plastics and electrical appliances (Siu & Ku, 159). In Hong Kong, the major leading industries are financial services, Tourism, Logistics & Trading and professional & producer services. These industries are the driving force of the economic growth of the country under consideration. These specific industries used to provide impetus to growth of various sectors and help to generate employment. Competitive Advantage and Production of Goods The logistics and trading industries used to consolidate different production and economic activities. Moreover, it used to help the problem of unemployment. This particular industry currently has employed more than 770,000 employees. This industry significantly contributes to one quarter of the Chinese GDP. Due to the drastic change in the market demand, the trading industry is tending to provide highly value added trading and logistic services. Hong Kong is gradually developing into regional distribution centre for its highly valued products. This used to differ from the conventional role in the transporting elements such as finished and semi-finished goods. The city has superior control over the distribution system of superior valued goods. Moreover, the logistics industry of Hong Kong has the potential to expand its regional services of trading and logistics. These are the competitive advantages of the Hong Kong trading that have strengthen the position of Hong Kong as the logistical hub. It has been discussed earlier that Hong Kong is not enriched highly with natural resources and raw materials. The city is famous for the apparel and textile goods, toys and electronic appliances. Currently the city has increased its import activities of these goods. It is ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(The City of Hong Kong Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words)
The City of Hong Kong Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
“The City of Hong Kong Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words”, n.d.
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