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/analyze the contemporary globalization of one place - Research Paper Example

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Since this aspect is too wide, it is influenced politically, economically and socially. Since a country which is urbanized is regarded as a global country, then the matters of…
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Research/analyze the contemporary globalization of one place
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Extract of sample "/analyze the contemporary globalization of one place"

Download file to see previous pages This paper will give detailed proofs of how shanghai has undergone globalization and expanded from being local to international levels.
The main mission of this paper is to enhance a better contact with shanghai. The underlying premise depicts that Shanghai is a rich city for Globalization. Instead of viewing globalization as an external factor influencing Shanghai, this paper will show how globalization is inherent in the city of Shanghai and that the investigation of the distinctive features of Shanghai starting from the abandoned factories which are now viewed as creative clusters, to the Lilong architectures, luxury malls and street peddlers lights up the world globalization both in the past and the future. The main factors that have led to shanghai globalization are the tourism attractions, the Shanghai’s resurgence, competition of the Chinese cities and the tale of two cities (shanghai and Hong Kong). There are other unmentioned factors that have seen shanghai in to globalization.
Shanghai is a global city which sees itself as the city of the future. This continued belief of the Shanghai globalization is driven by the history of the city. With this in mind, questions like can shanghai reanimate the cosmopolitanism of its past? Will its attempts of fostering a culture of creativity succeed? Can it bear an urban golden age that is energetic and innovative enough to influence the rest of the world just like New York or London arise. First shanghai will be viewed as a model of development and trading partner for India. (Liu, 786).
Secondly, the city will be regarded as one of the important zones of economic opportunity within the larger Chinese world. Without the global business networks of the Taiwanese, Hong Kong and the Chinese American entrepreneurs, shanghai city would not have risen to higher levels. Additionally, the city will be viewed as a magnet for the migration within the country of China. Back in the old ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Research/Analyze the Contemporary Globalization of One Place Research Paper.
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