Economics Effects of Taxing Sugar Beverages - Research Paper Example

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This research paper describes that the economics of healthcare entails development of policies relating to efficiency, effectiveness and value in the production including consumption of beverages. It provides requisite incentives that are tailored to ensure the advancement of vibrant and healthy individuals…
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Economics Effects of Taxing Sugar Beverages
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Download file to see previous pages Such economic policies have provided conventional measures in various sectors that have ensured reduction in consumption of non-dietary food items. Economists assert that best economic policies that could reduce consumption of non-dietary food that contribute to lifestyle diseases include adoption of price cap and taxation policies. These policies would advance commodity prices hence reduce its demand. Evidently, sugar beverages form one of the food items consumed by majority that have immense effect on productivity. It presents severe complications that delimit human functioning and productivity. Chronic diseases that it causes include diabetes, obesity and heart diseases that have severe complications.
Economists assert that nations and individuals should adopt essential methods to facilitate eradication of lifestyle diseases that presents long-term complications for example diabetes which is caused by consumption of sugar beverages. They stated that authorities should adopt proper conventional strategies to facilitate eradication of chronic diseases that cause immense lose. Nations including the US have initiated development of sound health care policies to provide basic incentives towards improving health standards. The policies are geared towards reforming the entire health system with an aim of providing effective, fair and superior medical assistance to citizens. US government view health as a vital element that has to be improved through potential policies with absolute potential to revolutionize the sector. This is to facilitate provision of fair nursing care through superior treatment ideals and dietary counseling. Consequently, the policy seeks to ensure that individuals are informed about the dangers of compromised dietary food consumption including complications of drugs. This paper evaluates the imperativeness of economic health care with focus to sugar beverages that hinders human development.
Health care policies
Health care policies are comprehensive guidelines that drive provision of quality nursing services and enhancement of individual’s life standards. Health officials are under obligation to provide basic treatment and counseling based on health matters and food dietary system. The activities should be formulated with an aim of developing a healthy nation with vibrant economic prospects that are sustainable. Developing effective health care policies requires input of various stakeholders (Neuman 1). Evidently, effective health policies should consider various factors that include monetary impact, dietary system, and infrastructural system and health professionals. These factors are significant in devising appropriate health policies that enhances safety and human ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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