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Social issue that is arguable( I leave here open to let you selcet the topic) - Research Paper Example

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Being obese or overweight increases chances of developing illnesses such as stroke, heart disease and diabetes among others. The number of children and adults…
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Social issue that is arguable( I leave here open to let you selcet the topic)
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Download file to see previous pages The situation in USA is alarming with two thirds of the adults’ population being described as either obese or overweight, while childhood obesity almost tripled in the past three decades (Kalaidis, FAO ranks USA second after Brazil with 31.8 percent of adults being obese (Kalaidis,
The developing and persistent problem has led to the obesity and overweight conditions been referred to as ‘the white man problems.’ Perhaps because of the duration the problems have remained in the western world. As of 2013, statistics indicated that 23.9 million children were obese or overweight, approximately 5 times more compared to the 1970s, and 154.7 million adults in the situation, which has more than doubled after the 70s (American Heart Association, This speculation is arguably not a fact; most people in poor African and Asian nation struggle with these diseases. Past research indicate that “nutrition transition had been accelerating in developing nation, with an increasing trend in energy intake, especially from high energy density, high fat and low fiber diets, which is as a result of income changes that affect their dietary behavior, causing the burden of diseases related to poor diets shift more to the poor” (Du et al. 1512). It’s quite rampant in the famous sub Saharan regions where hunger and STDs have dominated. In fact the obesity situation is said to almost outdo the hunger crisis. This paper argues that the solution to preventing diseases caused by obesity and overweight does not lie within the taxation policies, but requires set of combined measures to assist the population in healthy consumption. It evaluates food taxes effectiveness, resulting implications and complexity of the policy.
Governments across the world have deployed diverse measures in fight against obesity and overweight diet related ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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