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Foreign Market Entry - Dissertation Example

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In the research paper “Foreign Market Entry” the author analyzes South Africa, which offers an opportunity of entry based upon a reduced labor cost, due to the country falling within the classification of being a developing country or nation…
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Foreign Market Entry
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Extract of sample "Foreign Market Entry"

Download file to see previous pages Bhorat, Lundall, and Rospabe (2002) provide that South Africa has a diverse constituency within her borders, the movement from oppression based political power to that of a free democracy has provided a number of opportunities and development within the country. Additionally this has arguably laid the platform for focus upon growth for the economy in South Africa, which has in turn been successfully implemented via the new regime and visa “orthodox economic management” which has lead to the fact that South Africa is seen as an emerging economy by international investors, based upon their foreign exchange policies, monetary policies and more importantly according to the authors, their trade policies (pp. 2-3). It is amongst these issues that make South Africa arguably more attractive to invest in and target a specifically defined demographic within the marketing, branding, and sales of the Kofola product.
Specifically in terms of the economics and demographics of the country of South Africa, Robbins (2009) provides that the country is “classified as an upper-middle income country”, however the past of the country, being that of Apartheid and oppression rule has resulted in a significantly skewed proportion of wealth within the country itself, hence the preceding mention of the country’s history with respect to politics. This “skewed” income distribution translates to “approximately 3 million households” living in poverty (p. 35). However the concentration of wealth remains largely within the areas of the country that are seen as “population concentrated”, and not so much in the rural areas, where it is said that such poverty is more prevalent (Tait & HSRC 1996). To this end, the following figures have been obtained for representation and determination of the key focus areas within South Africa, in terms of targeting with respect to this product and marketing plan. Figures represented here are South Africa’s “Mid-Year Population Estimates: 2010” as provided by the official Statistics Authority in South Africa (Robbins). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Foreign Market Entry Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 Words.
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