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Persuasive paper - the politics of taxation and the middle class - Essay Example

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The Politics of Taxation and the Middle Class Mirland (Ericia) Freeman COMM/215 December 04, 2011 Rocquie O’Rourke The Politics of Taxation and the Middle Class Today, a controversial issue that affects many families in America is certainly that about tax…
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Persuasive paper - the politics of taxation and the middle class
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Extract of sample "Persuasive paper - the politics of taxation and the middle class"

The Politics of Taxation and the Middle Mirland (Ericia) Freeman COMM/215 December 04, Rocquie O’Rourke The Politics of Taxation and theMiddle Class Today, a controversial issue that affects many families in America is certainly that about tax. The series of financial crisis that hit America hard recently has been putting a large amount of pressure on the government to impose more taxes and scrap the important tax cuts that have provided some measure of relief for average Americans, which are mostly in the middle class. Tax policymaking has become too politicized to result into sensible and effective mechanism that can lead to fair to middle class families. Tax policies have become increasingly favorable to the rich harming the average American household in the process (thesis). Policies that are beneficial to the rich increasingly characterize the tax climate in America (topic sentence). This is demonstrated in many of the tax cuts, such as the dividend and capital gains tax cuts, which favor the upper-income Americans. (Soss, 2010, p. 13) (citation) A recent development that further supported this point was when Doug Edward grabbed headlines recently. Speaking for the so-called Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength, he strongly urged the government to tax millionaires like him. (Garofoli 2011) (citation) Although not all of the wealthy elite would certainly agree with Edward and his group, this development demonstrates an increasing public alarm over the obviously biased attitude of the government towards the rich. A Gallup poll released last September showed that the majority of Americans favor raising the taxes of the wealthy. (Seligman 2011) (citation) This sentiment is echoed across all platforms of the public discourse. Both from the perspectives of policy decisions and the public perception, there is a clear evidence that taxation policy is not equitable among social classes. (wrap up) Central to the current taxation policy is how politics erodes the ideological divide on the issue of taxation. (topic sentence) In the past, the country’s taxation policy changes according to the regime in power. The public has seen this political dynamics in the tax policies of the Roosevelt, Bush and Clinton administrations. The Republicans' preferred model is the conservative policy wherein the rich are not taxed as much, fearing its impact on their ability to invest. (Garofoli, 2011) (citation) On the other side, there is the progressive approach to the economy that prescribes greater regulation and equitability of wealth. (Clark, 2011, p. 474) (citation) The American public votes for its policymakers partly because of this ideological distinction. Today, however, Democrats are increasingly becoming silent on taxing the rich. This is because the polarity of the political environment has made the wealthy elite in a better position to influence policy. Politicians – both the Democrats and the Republicans turn to the millionaires in their bid for electoral victory. According to Bartels, this is the reason why contemporary presidents are faced with the increasing difficulty of influencing macroeconomy, they resort to tax and transfer policies as a means to repay political support. (p. 60) (citation) This appears to be the case today with the glaring non-action on the part of the current democratic administration on tax cuts, tax credits, and related tax mechanisms that support the rich and harm the financial security of the ordinary Americans. (wrap up) An unfavorable tax regime can lead to adverse effects on the economic well-being of middle-income households. (topic sentence) As the middle class bears the brunt of taxation, they are increasingly exposed to financial risks and financial instability. A Senate report, for instance, found that after adjusting for inflation, the median household income fell by over $1,400 beginning in the year 2000. (GAO, 2009, p. 108) (citation) The report also cited that the poverty rate rose as well in the same period. This economic reality is aggravated by how much taxes that Americans pay. According to Mankiw (2007), the average taxpayer has to remit $6,397 annually, based on the 2004 receipts of the federal government. (p. 242) (citation) This is a huge amount for people who have to spend more for healthcare, mortgage, and education, among other necessities. It is, hence, increasingly difficult for many Americans to maintain a decent lifestyle. (wrap up) In conclusion, taxation in America today is increasingly harming the middle class. (conclusion) Both of the political ideologies in the country, ideally, should have provided different approaches that can collectively lead to just and favorable tax policies on the low and middle-income households. On one hand, there is the Democratic Party, whose progressive approach to taxation should have ensured financial relief when in power. Such ideology combined with the political leverage and the public opinion should temper the tendency of the Republicans to overly favor the wealthy elite. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Politics rule the policy networks, and this is the reason the rich always gets the better bargain in tax policies. Politicians would always need money in order to survive and political support is not without its price. This is very dangerous for the middle class, especially with the cases of the economic shocks that recently has transpired and will continue to transpire. They are the most vulnerable class. It appears that the only way to address this problem is for the public to be more proactive in the issue. There is a need to be more vocal and aggressive in pushing for their taxation interests. (what the readers should do) They may not be directly involved in policymaking, but they can shape the issues that will bring about new policies. Reference Bartels, L. (2010). Unequal Democracy: The Political Economy of the New Gilded Age. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. Clark, C. (2011). The American Economy: A Historical Encyclopedia, Volume 1. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.  Garofoli, J. (October 2011). "Tax rich more, Patriotic Millionaires urge," San Francisco Chronicle. Retrieved on December 3, 2011 from Mankiw, G. (2007). Principles of microeconomics, Volume 10. Cengage, New York. Seligman, L 2011, "Gallup: Majority of Americans Favor Tax Hikes on the Rich," National Journal. Retrieved on December 11, 2011 from, Soss, J. (2010). Remaking America: Democracy and Public Policy in an Age of Inequality. New York, NY: Russell Sage Foundation. United States Congress. (2009). Senate reports. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office. Thank you for your hard work. You have some good information. It is important to study the posts on how to do an introduction, body paragraph, conclusion, cite and reference. I will make a few comments in your paper. You will want to use the checklist on your papers at all times to catch some of the errors and correct them. You may make corrections as directed in the class post and resubmit just the paper within a week of getting this to improve your score with the possibility of getting all points all points. See date of post to see when your redone edited paper should come in. Send me an alert to let me know your paper has been resubmitted to this link. I will add points if you underline the thesis, topic sentences, wrap ups and restated and your paragraphs are done as directed in the posts on how to do an introduction, body paragraph, conclusion, cite and reference. I will add points within a week, but I will not have time to make comments. Content and Organization 2 Points Earned 1 Comments: Full sentence outline needs to be done as directed to guarantee a well done paper.       All key elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive way. Thesis: topic sentences: support, Cites and References Persuasive in nature Third person Wrap up sentences   Always check to be sure you have a strong thesis. See post on the four elements. Be sure to have topic sentences, support 6+ sentences, cite and wrap up sentences in all body paragraph. .View the How to write a body paragraph to improve yours. The content is comprehensive, accurate, and /or persuasive.   Check to be sure assignment parameters are met. The paper develops a central theme or idea, directed toward the appropriate audience.     Check to be sure all topic sentences discuss an issue that supports the thesis. The paper links theory to relevant examples of current experience and industry practice and uses the vocabulary of the theory correctly.     Write in first person limited and third person with correctly structured and varied sentences. Avoid first person plural, we, our, us unless you have used the noun that these refer to in your first sentences. Major points are stated clearly; are supported by specific details, examples, or analysis; and are organized logically. Thesis Topics stated and supported Persuasive Makes points clearly   By using references, you offer valid and reliable support rather than opinion . Full sentence outlines help you to write error free papers. Your outline was lacking which you will see if you compare it to the sample. The introduction provides sufficient background on the topic and previews major points. Introduction has about 5-7 sentences with attention getter and thesis. The conclusion is logical, flows from the body of the paper, and reviews the major points.   The conclusion must restate thesis and have summary statements of main points covered in the paper.       Readability and Style  1.5 points Points Earned .5 Comments:     Paragraph transitions are present and logical and maintain the flow throughout the paper.     Check 4 parts of body paragraphs. Topic sentence names one topic, support is about that topic [facts, reasons, incidents, examples, details etc.] and wrap up names the topic again to remind the reader of the one topic you discussed. The tone is appropriate to the content and assignment.   Keep this professional. Check topic and wrap up sentences. Sentences are complete, clear, and concise.     Check spelling and complete sentence structure Sentences are well-constructed, with consistently strong, varied sentences.   View all posts in the course materials forum. Sentence transitions are present and maintain the flow of thought.     Check posts on sentences.       Mechanics 1.5 points Points Earned .5 Comments:       The paper, including the title page, reference page, tables, and appendices, follow APA guidelines for format.     Review common errors post. Citations of original works within the body of the paper follow APA guidelines.   Review course materials on citation in APA The paper is laid out with effective use of headings, font styles, and white space.     See sample paper. Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed.   Check for complete sentences, topic sentences, wrap ups that repeat the topic and your thesis having the four necessary parts. Look to see that your support is about the one topic you said in your topic sentence. Spelling is correct.   Spell check all work.       Total 5 points Points Earned 2 Comments:     Thank you for your work on this first paper. You had some good ideas well stated Read the comments and feedback to improve your work. Thank you for your hard work. You have some good information.You may make corrections as directed in the class post and resubmit just the paper within a week of getting this to improve your score with the possibility of getting all points all points. See date of post to see when your redone edited paper should come in. Send me an alert to let me know your paper has been resubmitted to this link. I will add points if you underline the thesis, topic sentences, wrap ups and restated and your paragraphs are done as directed in the posts on how to do an introduction, body paragraph, conclusion, cite and reference. I will add points within a week, but I will not have time to make comments. OUTLINE The Politics of Taxation and the Middle Class I. Introduction A brief explanation of my topic, which is about taxation policy in America and how it impacts my middle class family. II. Argument #1 An explanation how the current taxation policy favors the wealthy elite and how it impacts middle class taxpayers. III. Argument #2 Citing the position that the Democratic Party, the regime in power, is progressive and, hence, favor equitable distribution of wealth, which could prove to be beneficial to middle and lower income households. IV. Counterargument A discourse on the politicized taxation policymaking, wherein Democrats and Republicans have been co-opted by the moneyed elite, a crucial variable in each of their political survival. V. Concluding Points. Read More
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