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Sociological Analysis of Human Social relation with Corporations - Term Paper Example

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Professor Name Day Month Year Sociological Analysis of Human Social Relations Within Corporations Introduction During ancient civilization, individuals were largely free to live their own lives. They hunted and gathered their own food, interacted with each other in the way they so desired, and as long as they stayed within the mores of their given society, were able to conduct their own business independently of outside influence…
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Sociological Analysis of Human Social relation with Corporations
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Download file to see previous pages We realize, for example, that of the world’s largest 100 economies, 51 are actually corporations, while only 49 are countries themselves. The question becomes, how did corporations ever get such power in the first place? This paper will analyze the role that large corporations play in society, their influence over our daily lives, and the impact that they have over future generations. Research Questions There are many agents of socialization existent in our world today. Many would argue that media is a primary influencer of young people, while others would argue that traditional value impact the elderly (Wolff 139). These concepts are deep rooted in sociological theory, and well exposed by the great Sociologists of our era such as Durkheim, Marx, and Weber. There are, however, certain institutions that have dramatically influenced modern culture as we know it. The advent of large corporations is one such example of an entity that shapes policy, dictates how people think and make decisions, and can move society in one direction or another as they see fit (Wolff 142). To better narrow down the influence that corporations have over culture and society today, it behooves us to be begin with a series of questions to be answered with supporting sociological thought and theory. What is the significance of corporations to people? How do people relation to corporations in their daily lives? What elements of corporate culture do people prefer the most? Why do people relate so well to and desire to be a part of a corporation? What mechanisms do corporations use to relate to society in general? What role does corporations play in society? Why is it important to think about corporations from a sociological perspective? For this paper, I conducted an analysis of the perception that individual members of society have about corporations. In addition, I observed corporate culture in action in an effort to determine how it shapes the direction that a given society moves. Finally, I talked with employees of the corporation, in addition to consumers of corporate goods. In so doing, the goal was to determine how sociological perspectives work to explain the impact that corporations are having on societies today around the world. I drew upon certain traditional and modern literature from the field of Sociology to make educated inferences and conclusions. The fieldwork methods consisted of participant interaction in a corporate environment that I gained access to by way of invitation from the on-site manager. During my visit, I kept copious notes of everything I observed, including interaction and signage, as well as detailed accounts of any conversations I had. Library Research Component Large entities have influenced group thinking across civilizations since the modern era began. Perhaps it is out of a desire to feel a sense of belongingness, or it is out of a subconscious decision to conform to the actions of others, humans tend to be influenced by the actions of others, whether than the desire of the self in many situations. We are inundated with corporate messages from corporations on a daily basis. In addition, most individuals frequent a corporate location on a near daily basis, thereby becoming a part of the corporate culture whether they like it or not. In addition, the messages we receive from these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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