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Drawing & CAD - Essay Example

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AutoCAD is thus a computer aided design program that is widely used because it is relatively easier to use. It is more…
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Drawing & CAD
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Download file to see previous pages In my project, the major problem I faced was the right code to use. This is because AutoCAD is not that intuitive like other drafting programs. I was able to learn the commands and codes in the two main tool bars: draw, edit, and I were able to draw the commands for various parts after 2 to 3 weeks.
On the other hand, a problem came about when I had to type the same line of code in different parts of the project, which proved to be tedious and time consuming. Through learning of the different concepts, I was able to realize the technique of code reuse that enables to me work efficiently in beating the deadline in the various repetitive tasks.
In the solid Works Modeling Process, I happened to experience some difficult when it came to modeling brackets. I had to go the long way in sketching the offset and dimensioning the sketch, which was hard, and time consuming. After continuous use and practice I came to realize the simpler approach that involved the use of extrude thin feature where the sketch is first created and then directly extruded as shown in figure 1.1
Dimensioning in AutoCAD is used to create and design clear drawings. The dimensions are automatic since arrows, lines, and the associated texts are manipulated using the specified dimension commands. The different approaches to dimensioning include
An approach used to dimension along straight lines. The associated commands include DIMLINEAR, DISCONTINUE, DIMBASELINE AND DIMALIGNED and it is used to draw horizontal and vertical dimensions. To create a linear dimension, you first start the command and specify the starting and end points and the pick a point that would specify the position of the dimension line as shown in figure 1.2
When it comes to parts that require creation of circles and radius Radial dimensions is the most appropriate and consists of two commands, the DIMDIAMETER and the DIMRADIUS. They are both similar thus; AutoCAD automatically inserts an R to indicate radius and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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