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In order to assist the library administrator in managing the daily tasks and the billing department in determining any outstanding payments, three types of details were required to be saved; client’s data, the issuance details and the daily rates for each book. As these…
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Array Structure Proposal
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Array Structure In order to assist the library administrator in managing the daily tasks and the billing department in determining any outstanding payments, three types of details were required to be saved; client’s data, the issuance details and the daily rates for each book. As these details could not be represented by three basic data types, customized data types (class objects) were made to represent the three entities i.e. the client, issuance and daily rate.
The ‘Client’ object includes the details about the client i.e. the first and last name, address (data type: string, variable size) and the library number. The library number is unique for each client and has data type long (4 bytes). A ‘Client’ object would roughly be 34 to 40 bytes in size.
The ‘Issuance’ object contains the issuance details of the client. It includes the client’s library number for identification (data type: long, 4 bytes), the book number (unique) of the book issued (data type: long, 4 bytes), the book’s name (data type: string of variable length) and the date of issuing (data type: date, 3 bytes ). The status of the book whether having been returned to the library or not is also saved in the object (data type: Boolean, 1 byte). An ‘Issuance’ object would roughly be 32 bytes in size.
The ‘Daily Rate‘ object comprises of the book’s number (data type: long, 4 bytes) and the daily issue rate (data type: decimal, 5 bytes) of that book. A ‘Daily Rate’ object would be 9 bytes in size.
In order to save data comprising of multiple records of clients, issuance and daily rates, arrays were made of these objects.
Structural Pseudocode
Declare maxClients as Integer
Declare maxIssuances as Integer
Set maxClients to 20
Set maxIssuances to 50
Declare Clients[maxClients] as Client
Declare Issuance[maxIssuances] as Issuance
Clients = ReadClientsDataFromFile()
Issuance = ReadIssuanceDataFromFile()
Declare ClientLibNum
Display “Enter Client’s Library Number”
Input ClientLibNum
DisplayClientDetails(parameter: ClientLibNum)
DisplayBooksIssued(parameter: ClientLibNum)
DisplayClientDuePayments(parameter: ClientLibNum)
End Program
Class Client
Declare Private First_Name as String
Declare Private Last_Name as String
Declare Private Address as String
Declare Private Library_Number as Long
Public Client()
First_Name = “”
Last_Name = “”
Address = “”
Library_Number = 0
End Constructor
Public Subprogram SetFirstName (parameter: fname)
First_Name = fname
End Subprogram
Public Subprogram SetLastName (parameter: lname)
Last_Name = lname
End Subprogram
Public Subprogram SetAddress (parameter: add)
Address = add
End Subprogram
Public Subprogram SetLibraryNum (parameter: libnum)
Library_Number = libnum
End Subprogram
Public Subprogram getFirstName ()
Return First_Name
End Subprogram
Public Subprogram getLastName ()
Return Last_Name
End Subprogram
Public Subprogram getAddress ()
Return Address
End Subprogram
Public Subprogram getLibraryNumber ()
Return Library_Number
End Subprogram
End Class
Class Issuance
Declare Library_Number as Long
Declare Book_Name as String
Declare Book_Number as Long
Declare Date_Issued as Date
Declare Returned as Boolean
Public Issuance()
Set Library_Number = 0
Set Book_Name = “”
Set Book_Number = 0
Set Date_Issued = “0/0/0”
Set Returned = False
End Constructor
Public Subprogram SetLibraryNum (parameter: libnum)
Library_Number = libnum
End Subprogram
Public Subprogram SetBookName (parameter: bname)
Book_Name = bname
End Subprogram
Public Subprogram SetBookNumber (parameter: bnum)
Book_Number = bnum
End Subprogram
Public Subprogram SetDateIssued (parameter: idate)
Date_Issued = idate
End Subprogram
Public Subprogram getLibraryNumber ()
Return Library_Number
End Subprogram
Public Subprogram getBookName ()
Return Book_Name
End Subprogram
Public Subprogram getBookNumber ()
Return Book_Number
End Subprogram
Public Subprogram getDateIssued ()
Return Date_Issued
End Subprogram
End Class
Class BookDailyRates
Declare Private Book_Number as Long
Declare Private DailyRate as Decimal
Public Subprogram SetBookNum (parameter: libnum)
Library_Number = libnum
End Subprogram
Public Subprogram SetDailyRate (parameter: rate)
DailyRate = rate
End Subprogram
Public Subprogram getBookNum ()
Return Book_Number
End Subprogram
Public Subprogram getDailyRate ()
Return DailyRate
End Subprogram
End Class
SubProgram DisplayClientDetails(parameter: ClientLibNum)
Declare count as Integer
Set count = 0
While count < maxClients
If (Client[count].getLibraryNumber() == ClientLibNum)
Display “Name:” + Client[count].getFirstName() + Client[count].getLastName()
Display “Address: ” + Client[count].getAddress()
End If
Set count = count + 1
End While
End SubProgram
SubProgram DisplayBooksIssued(parameter: ClientLibNum)
Declare count as Integer
Set count = 0
While count < maxIssuances
If (Issuance[count].getLibraryNumber() == ClientLibNum)
Display “Book Number:” + Issuance[count].getBookNumber()
Display “Book Name: ” + Issuance[count].getBookName()
Display “Date Issued: ” + Issuance[count].getDateIssued()
Display “Returned: ” + Issuance[count].getReturned()
End If
Set count = count + 1
End While
End SubProgram
SubProgram DisplayClientDuePayments(parameter: ClientLibNum)
Declare count as Integer
Declare totalBooks as Integer
Declare totalDueAmount
Set count = 0
Set totalBooks = 0
Set totalDueAmount = 0
While count < maxIssuances
If (Issuance[count].getLibraryNumber() == ClientLibNum AND Issuance[count].getReturned==False)
Declare dueAmount as Decimal
Declare numOfDays as Integer
Declare presentDate = Date.Now()
Declare dailyRate as Decimal
Set dailyRate = getDailyRateOfBook(parameter: Issuance[count].getBookNumber())
Set numOfDays = Issuance[count].getDateIssued() – presentDate
Set dueAmount = numOfDays x dailyRate
Display “Book Name: ” + Issuance[count].getBookName()
Display “Due Payment:” + dueAmount
totalBooks = totalBooks + 1
totalDueAmount = totalDueAmount + dueAmount
End If
Set count = count + 1
End While
Display “Total Books Still Issued: ”+ totalBooks
Display “Total Unpaid Dues: ” + totalDueAmount
End SubProgram
Sub Program getDailyRateOfBook(parameter: book_num)
Declare maxBooks as Integer
Set maxBooks to 200
Declare BookRates[maxBooks] as BookDailyRates
BookRates = ReadBookRatesFromFile()
Declare count as Integer
Set count to 0
While count < maxBooks
If BookRates[count].getBookNumber()==book_num
Return BookRates[count].getDailyRate()
End If
End While
End SubProgram
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