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Depending on Others: Two Differing Viewpoints Examined - Essay Example

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The author of "Depending on Others: Two Differing Viewpoints Examined" paper by examining how the theme of dependency in "The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka and "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett, discerns how these two works differ in the attitudes towards life in general…
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Depending on Others: Two Differing Viewpoints Examined
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Extract of sample "Depending on Others: Two Differing Viewpoints Examined"

Download file to see previous pages Waiting for Godot has an ambivalent attitude toward dependency.  It would seem as though it was just a condition that couldn’t be escaped from in life. Estragon and Vladimir, the two main characters, are two people who are entirely dependent upon each other. Estragon and Vladimir, the two main characters, are two people who are entirely dependent upon each other. Estragon even needs help in removing his boots: “Ah stop blathering and help me off with this bloody thing”1. Vladimir seems aware of these aspects of their relationship, as he says to Estragon, “You’d be nothing more than a heap of bones at the present minute, no doubt about it” 2. However, Vladimir seems to be every bit as dependent upon Estragon. Whenever Estragon falls asleep throughout the play, Vladimir feels the need to wake him up, explaining, “I felt lonely” 3. He is so dependent upon Estragon that he can’t even allow him to sleep for any amount of time. Their dependency upon each other is to such an extent that they might as well be one character.

There is more than one reason why these two characters at times seem to be the same character. There are several conversations that take place multiple times, as though each time were the first time these conversations happened. Repetition is used to show the futility of being human throughout the play. As an example of an event that is repeated, Vladimir wakes Estragon up on more than one occasion with the same reason: “I felt lonely”4. The characters also end up having many of the same conversations; at times they even trade lines as they are having the same conversation. Their dependency has come to the level where these two characters might as well be one person arguing with himself.

The repetition and dependency are interconnected. Estragon and Vladimir are so dependent upon each other that it doesn’t matter if they continue to repeat themselves in endless cycles; they can’t break away from each other no matter what. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Depending on Others: Two Differing Viewpoints Examined Essay, n.d.)
Depending on Others: Two Differing Viewpoints Examined Essay.
(Depending on Others: Two Differing Viewpoints Examined Essay)
Depending on Others: Two Differing Viewpoints Examined Essay.
“Depending on Others: Two Differing Viewpoints Examined Essay”.
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