Gothic fiction elements in the novel Jane Eyre - Essay Example

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This essay discusses "Jane Eyre" - a book by Charlotte Bronte, that is a story set out in the early decades of the nineteenth century. It is a story about a female revolt who turns out to be a heroine in the search for identity. …
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Gothic fiction elements in the novel Jane Eyre
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Download file to see previous pages The paper shows that in the novel we observe a typical gothic imagery the night before Jane’s wedding during the visitation to her room by Rochester’s wife. Rochester’s wife is hysterical and insane and her coming to Jane’s room brings mystery and anxiety to the readers. She causes Jane to be revisited by the terror of the same magnitude to the one she felt in the red room. In the morning, when Jane is trying out the veil, she gazes at the mirror and states that she no longer recognizes herself and it’s as if she’s looking at a stranger, "a robed and veiled figure...the image of a stranger".
Another instance of the use of the Gothic style is the mystery surrounding Rochester’s wife. We are told that Jane heard a mysterious laugh coming from the third floor. But she didn’t receive the truth as to who it was coming from. We see a continuation in the mystery of the wife when we come to the realization that she was the one who had tried to put him to blaze before Jane saved him. Jane is unaware also of her presence and only comes to find out on their wedding day. All these conditions create anxiety, suspense, and mystery forming the gothic elements.
Jane later moves to the River family’s home at Moor House where we see the gothic nature adapted when Jane mysteriously hears Rochester’s voice calling out her name. And finally, Jane moves to Rochester’s rural retreat at Ferndean where the gothic nature is seen in Rochester’s repulsive look. He was burnt in one eye, blind in the other and lacking one hand. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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