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The paper "Jane Eyre " describes that Jane the main character goes through several people and experiences that help to establish her passion. To start with, the devotion and confidence of St. John Rivers intrigue Jane virtually enough to silence the passionate spirit in her…
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Jane Eyre
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Jane Eyre
In the novel Jane Eyre, Jane the main character goes through several people and experiences that help to establish her passion. To start with, the devotion and confidence of St. John Rivers intrigue Jane virtually enough to silence the passionate spirit in her. She also adheres to the morality of Victorian woman that was dominated by the church of Anglican. The religion has no faith in passion and emotion. The instinct of Jane to assert herself stifled at her very tender age and could be expressed via defiance. It is Mrs. Reed's defiant announcement of independence that gives the power of freedom to Jane's life. In Lowood, Jane learns how to be thoughtful and patient. Rochester also introduces her to emotions of the spirit and heart. Jane seems to be restless; she is driven by passion as the power that propels her. The forces of nature and destiny hold her inner spirit. She is fond of St. John but their forces are in opposite directions. However, later she realizes that it is her nature to love and decide to follow her passionate heart (Bronte).
Mrs. Reed is a selfish and hard-hearted person. She spoils her horrible children and hates Jane her niece. She is the antagonist of the childhood of Jane and through her Jane develops hatred against injustice. She is also cruel and oppressive. Despite John Reed a child, he is a bully. He reminds Jane of her poverty and pushes her around. He is also spendthrift and extravagant. He gambles, goes to brothels, gets into debts and leaves college. He is stubborn and threatening. He threatens to hurt his mother and commit suicide. Finally, he kills himself. Georgiana is attractive – has many admirers. She is also egocentric and selfish as all she speaks about herself. She does not give a damn when her mother falls sick and the brother dies. Eliza appears nasty to Jane during her childhood. She is jealous of Georgiana because boys flock to her. She spends her entire life detached and lonely. She is also hypocritical as she becomes a nun to get away from the world of people and not that she wants to serve God (Fisher, Clarice.102).
As the school superintendent, miss temple appears to be extremely kind and caring. On the other hand, Miss Scratchers, a teacher, seems to be unpleasant, harsh and cruel. Miss scratched treats harshly Helen. Miss Temple has a good attitude towards others. She believes the story of Jane and offers her seed cake and tea together with Helen. She does not give in the idea of cutting the girls’ hair. She appears to Jane as being compassionate and reverent which is not the case to Miss Scatched.
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