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Jane Eyre and Social Class - Essay Example

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In the paper “Jane Eyre and Social Class” the author analyzes a lively and rigid character of a young girl who knows where to take a stand and who sticks to her moral values no matter what. Her life is divided into three sections, each of which unfolds new and unexplored aspects of her life…
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Jane Eyre and Social Class
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"Jane Eyre and Social Class"

Download file to see previous pages Since Jane Eyre was also from the lower class, she was treated brutally by many different people throughout her life. Initially, at Gateshead Hall, she is mistreated by John Reed who acclaims that the social class background of Jane Eyre gives him the right to abuse Jane Eyre. Once Jane Eyre leaves Gateshead, she expects a better life at Lowood School where she thought she would pursue her dreams, however here she is mistreated by Mr. Bocklehurst who continuously makes her realize that she is nothing but a rotten piece which deserves to be thrown. Also, when she is in love with Mr. Rochester, the social class issue again becomes a problem which stops her from marrying him. Lastly, when she arrives penniless at the door of Hannah, she is again treated like a doormat owing much to her lower social class. The novel also depicts the patriarchal patterns being dominant during the era, by portraying the male characters as being offensive towards Jane Eyre; however, Jane Eyre is a feminist who resists and continues being independent. Thus, the novel is a clear exhibition of the social issues dominant during the Victorian era.
Starting with the journey of Jane Eyre in the novel, she is an orphan who lives with the family of her maternal uncle, the Reeds. Here at Gateshead Hall, she is constantly mistreated by her aunt Reed and her children. Since Jane Eyre has no money and is dependent on Mrs. Reed, she naturally inherits the right to abuse Jane Eyre emotionally as well as physically. ...
"Now, I'll teach you to rummage my book-shelves: for they are mine; all the house belongs to me, or will do in a few years" (10), as quoted by Bronte, are the words of Mrs. Reed who is acclaiming that she will “teach” Jane Eyre, which indicates the offensive tone. Later, when she is abused to such an extent that she is left in a dark room where her uncle died, she suffers from trauma, after which she is allowed to attend Lowood School. Here at Lowood, she encounters Mr. Brocklehurst who is again a corrupt and brutal man. She constantly targets Jane Eyre for her lower class and tries to prove to the world how immoral and worthless Jane Eyre is. In her book, she Bronte quotes: This I learned from her benefactress; from the pious and charitable lady who adopted her in her orphan state, reared her as her own daughter, and whose kindness, whose generosity the unhappy girl repaid by an ingratitude so bad, so dreadful, that at last her excellent patroness was obliged to separate her from her own young ones..." (67). The phrase from the novel mentioned above depicts the bias of Mr. Brocklehurst as he distinguishes between Jane Eyre and Mrs. Reed based on the social class. According to him, “pious” and “charitable” are the traits associated with Reed and words such as “kindness” have been associated with her children, however adjectives such as “bad” and even “dreadful” have been used to carve out the character of Jane Eyre who is rather a source of disgust for her. Later, when Jane Eyre attempts to become independent by taking the job of a governess for Adele, a French girl, she comes across Mr. Rochester whom she falls in love with. Again, social class becomes a curse ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The book explores the pros and cons of growing up in both of these social classes and this is one of the main themes of the novel. This paper considers the representation of working class childhood and then upper class childhood, and then compares the two, and then makes an overall assessment of the overall role of childhood in the novel.
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Brocklehurst, managed to become an autonomous lady. In a society where women always became oppressed and their voices could not be heard, the author, Jane Eyre, tried to bring out the plight of women by the use of the character, Bertha Mason. Jane Eyre, by using Bertha Mason, present her own plight and other women through anger, feeling of entrapment and madness.
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The title of the narrative itself illustrates the autobiography genre. The narrative is about a woman called Jane Eyre yet at the same time the title is “Jane Eyre.” In my perception, Bronte does this deliberately as in a literary work; it implies some form of heroism or hero in the central narrator.
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The second most notable aspect of the novel is its authorship by a woman. Although originally published under a male pseudonym, it is evident to the scrupulous reader that the work is by a woman, as it contains numerous insights into female psychology. Finally, the novel is at once incisive and critical of the then existing social norms and customs, which were largely unfair to women and the underprivileged.
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Bronte's Jane Eyre, with its unlikely heroine distinguished by neither beauty nor fortune was a surprise success with Victorian audiences, her ability to find a voice by the end of the novel despite her obvious disadvantages won favour in the eyes of the readers. Jane triumphs in the end, against all the odds through her indomitable spirit, fierce will, and an unwavering sense of justice.
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me of the novel, but in the novel, Jane Eyre does comes out as a character endowed with virtues like a sense of dignity and self esteem, a wisdom that dares to challenge conventional moral and social norms and a mystical sense of spirituality. There is no denying the fact that
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