Narrative in the Digital Age- Fan Fiction - Essay Example

Within the fandoms, fan fiction writers, poets and artists exist where their works can be captured in LiveJournal communities,…
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Narrative in the Digital Age- Fan Fiction
Download file to see previous pages The original creator hardly commissions most fan fiction nor published professionally because they are mostly an infringement on the copyrights of the original author. The most basic assumption that fan fiction writers have when writing fan fiction is that other fans would be their audience.
On the contrary, they write assuming that the readers of their work have knowledge pertaining to canon fiction. The Canon in canon fiction is the particular world a franchise is built on, which is mostly an imaginary one. With this overview, this essay will compare and contrast two fan fiction works from the Archive of Our Own website. The works of fiction shall be from the cartoons, comics and graphic novels as the source of the text, especially dwelling on Aladdin, the animated series. Focus will also be on explaining the diegetic gaps that these works attempt to fill and the techniques that they are using. The essay will also discuss how the fictional world of the source text is different and what the changes signify. The works of fan fiction to be compared are A Will as Strong by K_Maestrale and Knotted by Shini02.
Aladdin, the animated series is created by Walt Disney Television that was developed based on the folk tale of Arabs titled Aladdin and the magic lamp. The setting of the film is in Agrabah where Aladdin is a street rat living in this region with his monkey while Princess Jasmine lives a life of frustration. The Aladdin fandom does not have as many fans, but has a significant number of them who are fan fiction writers. The two authors provide an interesting twist to the Aladdin story as much as they use similar characters. The characters that are used by both K_Maestrale and Shini02 are Aladdin, Yasmin and Mozenrath. Another striking similarity that exists in both texts is the fact that Mozenrath and Aladdin have a deep affection for Yasmin and they try as much as possible to win her over. Shini02 ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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