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Photographers of the Mixed Media - Essay Example

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Photographers of the Mixed Media: Loretta Lux, Paul Shambroom, Sandy Skoglund, and Calum Colvin Loretta Lux Discussing the works of Loretta Lux, we must at first pay attention on her personal backgrounds; then, shifting to her working methodologies, we will be able to discuss her chosen formats, analogue, digital or both, in order to define this influences in terms of narrative and perception…
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Photographers of the Mixed Media
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Download file to see previous pages It can be stated, however, that the main genre of her photos, produced with a means of combined media, is a child’s portrait. Many researchers insist on rich theoretical and practical backgrounds of her production, widely ranged from Renaissance (Bronzino), Baroque (Velasquez), Romanticism (Ruge and Friedrich) to Victorian (Carroll) sources of her works. After the brief introduction into her working methodologies and using of mixed media (i.e. combination of painting, analogue photo, and digital manipulation), we need to discuss them on a more solid basis, long before the discussion of how this influenced her work in terms of narrative and perception. ...
Then, as it were mentioned constantly by the researchers, she used to exploit in her works a combination of painting, analogue photo techniques, and digital manipulation. «In fact, Ms. Lux has carefully costumed and photographed her subjects and, after scanning the image, dropped the figures into a separately scanned background often taken from one of her paintings». (Tully, 2005) So, Lux used analogue technoque firstly, and, getting the figures, dropped them into a seprately scanned background secondly, (i.e. digital manipulation) which is taken from her own paintings. Specifically, her paintings and analogue photos become the main sources for an appropriation, gitting scanned and ultimately combined with a means of Photoshop (for example, «... Levels control to give the children and their settings a distinctive pallor). (Woodward, 2004) Ultimately, from a point of narration and perception, it should be stated that works of Loretta Lux are organized very well in a classic manner. Using many old masters as her citation field, she managed to create an atmosphere of mystery. Being mediated by a wide range of techniques, both analogue and digital, and assisted by using of mixed media, her surrealistic children sitting on a sofa of eternity provoke a reader to find an answer to a riddle of absolute in a broad set of interpretations. Paul Shambroom Describing the working methodologies of given photographers, we must begin from the biographical details, then going to a discussion of the chosen formats – analogue, digital or both. Afterwards, are to give our explanations on how this has influenced the works in terms of narrative and perception. Primarily, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Photographers of the Mixed Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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