The Use Of The Themes Of Innocence In Fingersmith By Sarah Waters - Assignment Example

This essay discusses the book “Fingersmith” by Sarah Waters, that is a novel about Sue Trinder, a girl who became an orphan at birth and grew up among thieves. The girl was brought up by Mrs. Sucksby in a rough but caring way…
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The Use Of The Themes Of Innocence In Fingersmith By Sarah Waters

Extract of sample The Use Of The Themes Of Innocence In Fingersmith By Sarah Waters

Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses that Sue Trinder is a girl that comes from the Borough, a place where nobody had lessons on how to behave or learn anything about life. The neighborhood was rough, and there was no school. Sue ended up being exactly like a girl from the Borough (Seajay 2006). Her speech and values are as bad as those of the people that were part of her growing up. She, however, knows a thing or two about love and care as Mrs. Sucksby protected her from being part of the ‘prig' and treated her with unusual kindness. Mrs. Sucksby, however, has knowledge of her daughter Maud and does all these for selfish reasons. Her reason was so that Sue can be taken to the madhouse and to release her biological daughter Maud. The knowledge of the news shocks sue beyond measure as she cannot believe Mrs. Sucksby was part of her betrayal (Seajay 2006). The knowledge of her fortune luckily does not change Sue as a person. She does not become elite and feeling a sense of entitlement on learning that her real name is Susan Lilly. She remains a poor girl who grew up among thieves but sheltered by Mrs. Sucksby in many ways, more than Maud. She has privileges as she is more used to kindness and less used to pain, and she is a loyal person no matter her upbringing. The novel has many lessons regarding innocence and knowledge. It shows how two people can fall in love in the middle of confusion and evil plans. Sue is the actual victim in the whole story as she takes part in a scheme she does approve and ends up being conned when she trusts people. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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