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His thoughts tell him that the frankness and innocence portrayed by the beautiful girl was artificial product. Later on, we see that his instinct were correct.
Newland is about to…
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The Age of Innocence
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Age of innocence. The story is based on sexual passion between Newland (married man) and Ellen (divorced woman). His thoughts tell him that the frankness and innocence portrayed by the beautiful girl was artificial product. Later on, we see that his instinct were correct.
The novel allows the readers to examine the society that faces break ups, but the girl rejected with the wisdom of hindsight (Edith 2010 p.1).
Newland is about to announce his engagement with a beautiful girl (Welland) who is from a suitable family (Edith 2010 p.86). Newland love the girl, but he has a prescient doubt about the girl even at an early stage.
Character traits.
Sophisticated- this is because he had a brief affair with a married woman before meeting the young woman.
Rebellions -at the second half of the novel, he gets feelings for Ellen.
Critic- in his assessment and understanding on the situation of loving Ellen, he believes that it is being done by the “tribe.”
The worst tragedy is that Newland is unable to obey his instinct at last resort. Newland, Ellen, and May are seen as the product of their time, that is, whatever their instinct and inclinations they face, they are obliged to obey its dictation (Edith 2010 p.86).
The central theme from the story is that an individual has his or her desire that dictates the moral codes and manners of the group that one joins. In several cases, both Archer and Ellen are expected to sacrifice their desire on what the society and the family desire or expect (Edith 2010 p.234).
There were many different subjects dealt with the story. For example, an individual character such as language, body, emotions and consciousness is built by the experience of the group or from the social knowledge.
Work cited
Wharton, Edith. The Age of Innocence. London: Bibliolis, 2010. Print. Read More
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The Age of Innocence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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