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The Red Convertible and Innocence - Essay Example

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The essay "The Red Convertible and Innocence" states that the narrator is Lyman who is friendly and lucky. He loves his family and is very close to his brother Henry. He is relaxed and thoughtful and seems like a guy I’d like to know. His brother Henry is a lot like him until he goes to war…
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The Red Convertible and Innocence
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Extract of sample "The Red Convertible and Innocence"

The final paragraph causes the reader to feel sad and shocked that his brother would just drown himself like that. The ending seems to be perfectly right for the story because it makes the connection between the brothers and the car clear. Although this paragraph is not necessary to understand that Henry drowned and Lyman tried again to save him, it is hard to argue against the strength of the last paragraph in highlighting the theme of a loss of innocence. This is an important theme to emphasize in any anti-war story such as this. It is obvious that this is a war story because Henry was just fine before going to war and returned home unable to survive his mental injuries.    Read More
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(The Red Convertible and Innocence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 236 Words)
The Red Convertible and Innocence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 236 Words.
“The Red Convertible and Innocence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 236 Words”, n.d.
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