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This essay is devoted to the analysis of racism in education within literature writings. It is mentioned that literature depicts and exposes the social evils in the society. Thus, the writers use numerous forms such as writings of songs, narratives, stories, and tales, among others. …
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Racism and Education
Download file to see previous pages Fryer's exploration apparently exhibits that the "social cost" for the least favorite students is higher than the supposed value of the White apprentices. Methodologically, the study needs to make an apparent conclusion that the number of companions for the Black Learner is a direct measure and a result of ‘acting White.’ In addition, the concept of the influence of friends from different races as a justification for academic failure is unappealing. On the contrary, Zora believes that racial discrimination is a functional character of the human society. Nonetheless, she disputes that racism should not affect the personal psychology and their performance. “No one on earth ever had a greater chance for glory. The world to be won and nothing to be lost. It is thrilling to think to know that for any act of mine, I shall get twice as much praise or twice as much blame. It is quite exciting to hold the center of the national stage, with the spectators not knowing whether to laugh or to weep (p. 2).”
Hooks’ argument on the impact of the level of thinking of an individual’s performance is coherent. Fundamentally, it is obvious that students have varied performances regardless of the presence of racism. For this reason, Fryer’s argument of racism as the cause of failure is disputable. Specifically, his assertion does not elaborate the impact of the different IQ in the levels as explained by Hooks. In addition, Hurston is living proof that students excel in academics regardless of racism in the schools. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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