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The story is drawn from real life occurrences in Korea. In fact, it depicts the day to day activities and problems that people in Korea are going through due to the capitalism. The author Chio Se-hu…
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Korean literature- A Dwarf Launches a Little Ball
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A Dwarf Launches a Little The book a dwarf launches a new ball was published in Korea in the year 1980. The story is drawn from real life occurrences in Korea. In fact, it depicts the day to day activities and problems that people in Korea are going through due to the capitalism. The author Chio Se-hu was born in the year 1942 and attained a bachelor’s degree in Korean literature from Kyunghee University. The title of the book is used to symbolize the fact that alienated people in the society have a lot to deal with. Actually, these groups of people only have to find a way of solving their problems since the government and economic system of the country do not pay attention to them. The government is controlled by the mighty and rich who look down upon their fellow statesmen who are less privileged economically. To survive, this person who is termed as a dwarf to mean that they cannot do much of their own, have to make a life that suits them. Thus, they are left to carry on with desperate decisions that end up being of the disadvantage to them and their families.
Social absurdity is a situation whereby there is complete disorientation from the cultural practices and relationship between one person and another. People in this society, engage in a number of practices that are against norms and human rights. This can be caused by the tremendous change that is brought about by the arrival of phenomena in an area. In the book, the author displays social absurdity owing to the fact that there are minimal interest and care of the other people in the society. There has been an increased level of selfishness among people in Korea. Additionally the gap between the haves and the have not is increasing day by day. One can put another into suffering so that they can retain their property or wealth. There are instances that people are thrown out of the small pieces of land and house with minimal consideration of their life after that hence the end up suffering. Thus, this is the highest level of social absurdity that Korea had seen in its modernity.
Children have been involved in carrying out various activities so as to provide for their families and self. For instance, the ‘dwarf’s’ children are forced to do heavy works in the factories with minimal pay to meet their daily needs. Much worse is the fact there are instances whereby one of the daughters gets involved in prostitution to provide for the family. This in its own sense is absurd; the modern Korea has come in with commercial sex, an act that had always been reserved for married people. People have not come out to the rescue of these children, in an ideal world, these activities should not be practiced and motivated among children.
From the conversation between Yonghui and her eldest brother, Korea is likely to go into civil war and fighting between the oppressed and the haves. There is the likelihood of that the people in Korea will act radically so as to mitigate the cases of oppression upon them. This is possible since the oppressed form the majority in the society with the select few being lesser in population. Hence, after the 1970s Korea has to either accommodate its entire people or have two groups that will fight to have their rights at all cost even including violence. Many countries in the Middle East have experienced a similar uprising of insurgency from within. Most of the time this kind of terrorism is motivated by the atrocities that the affected group receives from those in power.
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Se-hŭi, Cho. "A Little Ball Launched by a Dwarf." trans. Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton, Korean Literature Today 3. Read More
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