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Explore the ways that Wilde presents women in 'A Woman of no Importance'. The compare Wilde's representation with Bronte's representation of women in 'Jane Eyre' - Essay Example

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Wilde led a life that fought against social unacceptance. Wilde was keen to explore attitudes and restrictions placed upon the individual by the society. He did this by exploring the societal…
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Explore the ways that Wilde presents women in A Woman of no Importance. The compare Wildes representation with Brontes representation of women in Jane Eyre
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"Explore the ways that Wilde presents women in 'A Woman of no Importance'. The compare Wilde's representation with Bronte's representation of women in 'Jane Eyre'"

Download file to see previous pages The debate was not new because some 46 years earlier, Charlotte Bronte had also explored the idea that “women need just as much freedom as their men do”. Throughout Jane Eyre Bronte probes the masculine hegemony that dominated her society.
The first act of the play takes place at Lady Hunstanton estate whereby the upper-class women are indulging in their usual gossip. The audience also meets Gerald and Hester. It becomes evident that Gerald has been offered a position as the secretary to Lord Illingworth. Evidently, Hester and Gerald are in love with each other, although Lord Illingworth expresses his desire to flirt with Hester (Wilde and French 1). As the upper-class women engage in their usual gossip, some characteristics of the Victorian upper-class women become evident. In the second act, Gerald’s mother arrives at the estate and later meets Lord Illingworth. Gerald’s mother is here to congratulate him for landing a job position. The two have not seen each other for over 20 years, and it emerges that Lord Illingworth is Gerald’s father. However, to Lord Illingworth, Mrs. Arbuthnot remains a woman of no importance despite the fact that he had an affair with her when they were young.
The realization that his father has offered Gerald the job opportunity does not prove appealing to his mother. In act three, Lord Illingworth and Gerald engage in an extensive talk with Gerald highlighting that he is proud of his mother. In the third act, Gerald gets to know the truth that Lord Illingworth was his father. After knowing the truth, and having the details of what transpired, he changes his opinion towards Lord Illingworth. In act four, Gerald tries to convince Lord Illingworth to marry his mother, but Mrs. Arbuthnot does not agree (125). Gerald assured his mother that he would compel Lord Illingworth to marry her as an atonement for the shame he had caused her when he said, “Mother, I will force him to do ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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