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Compare and contrast the manner in which female characters are portrayed in Jane Eyre and Rebecca - Essay Example

She also offers multiple characters that are parallel to the original work that was done. Redemption of the Bertha character demonstrates the enormous strides that were made between 1847 and 1966 in the…
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Compare and contrast the manner in which female characters are portrayed in Jane Eyre and Rebecca

Extract of sample Compare and contrast the manner in which female characters are portrayed in Jane Eyre and Rebecca

Download file to see previous pages acts as a negative illustration of dangerous female excessively against which the plain and devout Jane may define herself so that she succeeds in her own narrative (Peel, 2013). On the other side, Rebecca has not suspected any insanity which is never implied as homosexuality and perversity.
The bond that Danvers has with the late De Winter is seen as not just that of a servant and mistress relationship but is also brought out to be stronger than just a normal companionship. The love is portrayed in the characters used in the novels. In both novels, there is retelling the stories from a known future with emphasis given to rationality rather than relating events as they unfold in the story. Publication of Jane Erye was as a faux autobiography which would need revision for an eventual audience. The heroin of Rebecca also tells her story from a future perspective of boredom. This is illustrated by boredom experienced by Rebecca and Maxim. She took her exciting moment in her life retelling and dwelling on Rebecca case (Peel, 2013).
Jane represented the female desires. Meaning that if a female is not satisfied, then the society is not ready for presentation. The intention of feminist in the novel cannot be doubted as she insists on the issues that women just feel as men. It also explains their faculty for expressing their feelings that are supressed. There is realistic expression of the boundaries and limitations that Victorian women have in marriage. The limitation in feminist agenda is intended for the white woman (Peel, 2013). Bronte brings out a women writer’s quest for her story as Gilbert and Gubar write through giving her the agency of expression by the use of female gothic by using it as the language of her ambitions as a female. This is different in other situations such as in Bertha Mason having served the purpose of bringing out Jane. Jane is characterised as having a controlled passion of limited space in the Victorian society.
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