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Various Aspects o f Literature Played in the Madame Bovary Novel - Research Paper Example

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The author states that it is impossible to understand or appreciate modern European and American fiction without an acquaintance with Madame Bovary. This paper seeks to give a detailed account of the various aspects of literature that are at play in the novel. …
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Various Aspects o f Literature Played in the Madame Bovary Novel
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Extract of sample "Various Aspects o f Literature Played in the Madame Bovary Novel"

Download file to see previous pages Madame Bovary is a debut novel by the French writer Gustave Flaubert that was released in the year 1856. The story focuses on the life of a doctor and his wife. The wife is adulterous and prefers to live beyond her own means which constantly lands the family into deep problems ranging from misunderstanding to financial struggles. The book has been recognized by students as well as scholars of literature as being the forerunner and model of our most prevalent and influential literary genre, the realistic novel. It is now considered a book of great intrinsic worth and one which contains an important and moving story. In addition, it offers a standard against which to compare the works and writers that have followed it. In addition, it offers a standard against which to compare the works and writers that have followed it. 
Gustave Flaubert begins her famous novel; Madame Bovary by highlighting the life of Charles Bovary from his early life as a boy who as unable to fir in his new school and as results became the center of ridicule from his classmates. His entire life is marked by dullness and mediocrity that is evident by how he conducts himself before other people. His failure in the medical school leads into him becoming a second-rate doctor in the country. He is married off to a widow by his mother and the marriage does not last for a long time as the widow dies after a short duration. Charles who expected to gain a lot of wealth after the marriage is left with almost nothing and he becomes poorer than before (Rozen, 101). The life of Charles soon takes another turn when he falls in love with Emma who is a daughter to one of his patients and they get married. Emma’s romantic expectations are not met in the marriage. She had spent a better part of her life in the convent and developed an inner belief that marriage was going to be the end of all her troubles. He dreams for a sophisticated kind of a lifestyle was borne on the day she attended a very extravagant ball at the home of a noble wealthy man.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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