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Teen Violence on the Example of Novel Flight - Literature review Example

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This literature review "Teen Violence on the Example of Novel Flight" describes violence on the example of Sherman Alexie’s novel ‘Flight’. The violence afflicting Zits (the main character) in the novel can draw a parallel to the current situation in America. The author outlines the issue of teen violence as being influenced by sexism, militarism, violence within the culture, and racism…
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Teen Violence on the Example of Novel Flight
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Extract of sample "Teen Violence on the Example of Novel Flight"

Download file to see previous pages In ‘flight’, the author addresses the theme of violence through the different transformations of Zits. In struggling to find his identity and conforming to societal standards, Zits’s ultimate realization of forgiveness enables him to find redemption and thus challenge traditional ways of thinking.
When the novel begins, the reader is introduced to an unapologetic Zit. He behaves in a forceful and aggressive manner. He paints his future in dim light and has lost almost all hope. Zit’s anger stems from the reason that his father has abandoned him and his mother died and left him at a young age. Further, he has been bounced between foster homes and appears to have no family. These situations lead him to develop anger, which he is willing to take out on anyone around him (Alexie 8). When Zits meets a new friend in Justice, a white boy, he appears to have met someone who finally understands him. Justice introduces him to violence which he hopes would release the anger and hatred within Zits. He hopes violence will redeem him of his anger. Justice manipulates Zits to rob a bank, but it is through this episode that Zits real transformation begins. His time travel back to life reveals to him just how tragic violence can be.
Zits transformations when robbing the bank reveal to him how violence can have dire consequences. He experiences time travel that ‘flights’ him back through the lives and experiences of different historical figures. As he lives in the time and space of these individuals, he witnesses the violence and pain they inflicted on their victims. When he awakes in the body of a former FBI agent, he undertakes the killing of one activist and quickly realizes how repulsive he is to murder. He learns that his friend Justice and the FBI agent's means of achieving justice through violence is not the answer (Alexie 56). He questions how one can tell the difference between bad and good people when they all tell the same things. Further transportation and experiences in the bodies of a mute Indian boy, an Indian tracker named Gus, Jimmy a pilot, Abbad a terrorist, and eventually his own body enable him to learn and witness more violence, and the impact they have. His view of the violence taking place in his time travel reveals just how violence affects the people around him. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Teen Violence on the Example of Novel Flight Literature Review.
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