The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales - Essay Example

In the essay “The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales” the author analyzes fairy tails with the same underlying ethical or moral message, but with different situations and characters. Fairy tales tell a lot about a culture and how it perceives the world…
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The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales
Download file to see previous pages Nowadays, many authors have started writing more fanciful stories that have become more elaborated. Fairy tales have existed for hundreds of years and were initially passed from one generation to the other, through storytelling. This essay analyzes G.K. Chesterton's evaluation of the benefit of fairy tales in "Fairy Tales Are Good for Children" and the evaluation of Bruno Bettelheim ("The Uses of Enchantment").
Bettelheim in his article, the uses of Enchantment, believes that fairy experiences are liked by the children, not because of their imagery, not in accordance to what goes on within him but rather all the anxious ideas in his mind. These experiences always result in a satisfactory outcome, which the child cannot think about on his own (Bettelheim 280) for instance, most fairy stories often start with the death of a parent; in these tales, death creates the most distressing problem, as the fear of it does in real life. It is distinctive of most fairy tales to state an existing dilemma; hence, this permits the child to encounter a problem in its most critical form. The fairy tales simplify all situations since their characters are clearly drawn and are typically unique.
Almost everybody was told a version of “Cinderella” at one point in their lives. They were recited to us by our mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, aunties, and uncles or other family members when we were young. We could not help but feel fascinated as our imaginations transport us to our captivated efforts and time. But what really attracted us to be so enthusiastic about tales’ experiences like these? How do these experiences impact the children revealed to it in the long run as we both take a trip in the direction of children growing up? Different understandings by Chesterton and Bettelheim to each tale story may be on how it pertains to personal experiences and on why and how these activities impact children’s growth.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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