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Whether Girl or Sabbat Function as Little Red Riding Hood Rewrites - Essay Example

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The author states that LRRH has faced numerous modifications to suit different moral expectation and audience setup. Many versions of the tales have a girl taking the role as the Little Red Riding Hood. In as much as the age bracket targets children, it balances between fiction and reality.    …
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Whether Girl or Sabbat Function as Little Red Riding Hood Rewrites
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Download file to see previous pages In all versions of the tale, there are human relationships evidenced by the presence of people such as a grandmother. Certainly, a “Sabbat” cannot have a grandmother unless in a fiction. Evidently, the girl had a grandmother and was anxious to learn various things. As a result, when given a Red Riding Hood by her grandmother she ends up wondering around in the forest. Certainly, the latter plays a more important role in shaping perception and understanding of the tale (Hillert 71). The original versions make the wolf a dangerous animal that eats the girl. Nevertheless, the following versions make it difficult for the story to end in the direction as she gets saved before the actual process. For instance, in one instance a savior disguises as her father to initiate a safe retrieval from the dangerous situation. In other instances, the savior appears as a hunter or woodcutter to rescue the Little Red Riding Hood.
The moral ambiguity in all the stories appears to focused on the human experience. Variation in moral message among the different versions of Little Red Riding Hood represents different issues. Conceivably, the theme of not talking to strangers dominates the story that makes it easy for children to learn. Undoubtedly, many parents have been on the verge of teaching and educating their children not to talk to strangers. The educative book makes it easy for parents to educate children without going through hard lessons (Mays 46). Contrary to the Perrault version that has additional text located at the end of every story, others leave the unintended version for readers to employ different measures. Interestingly, the human experience of the girl in the tale makes this possible. Without a consistent word layout, it is difficult to bring into light the exception message found in the varied tales. The grandmother’s explicit message ensures young maidens do not land in various problems.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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