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The impact of animation for children's psychological development in finding their identities - Essay Example

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Impact of animation for Children Table of Contents: Sr No. Topic Page 1. What are animations and what forms they may adopt 3 2. Animations Sharpen the Human Brain 4 3. Animations as a tool to convey some controversy 7 4. Animations as a tool for learning the 3 T’s in life 8 5…
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The impact of animation for childrens psychological development in finding their identities
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Extract of sample "The impact of animation for children's psychological development in finding their identities"

Download file to see previous pages Text Resources that will be consulted 14 13. Conclusion 14 14. References 16 What are animations and what forms they may adopt Since man has the ability to clearly distinguish between thirty frames at maximum over a second, an animation refers to a display of up to thirty images a second which model an illusion of movement. This optical illusion occurs due to persistence of vision and has been used successfully over centuries in the benefit of animation and other movie makers. Animation for kids refers to all the cartoons and other fun movies whose main targeted audience is the kids. Fairy tales are one of the most prized possessions of a kid, often so, because they are said to belong to the children world. As Andersen(1991) says, the fairy tales speak to a child in a language he understands. They are vibrant and colorful, the music is often loud and don’t need a serious voice over because the video alone conveys the message. Beck (2005) believes that animations may also convey a message. They don’t necessarily have to end with a prince charming falling head over heels with a princess who has it all. It can also convey important messages such as effects of global warming, importance and need of conserving energy, basic human rights etc. At the tender age when children normally enjoy these animations, they are forming their perspective of the world. Obviously what they see will reflect on their personalities hence the animation makers need to ensure that the message conveyed is positive and important. Grant (2006) exclaims that we often see banners promoting positivity and a revolution in the world but then, animation have a much a greater impact than mere pictures and words. Ghertner (2010) exclaims that animations are not just for kids, they entertain the elders just the same. For example, who hasn’t watched ‘Lion King’ or ‘ The Lord of the Rings’? There are so many such epic animations that one wonders if there would ever be an end to storytelling; and the answer is no! Animated stories have been there since centuries and there will always be new stories evolving. Bessen (2008) says that one can only hope that this art gains a greater meaning and insight as it progresses since storytelling affect the psyche of young kids and adults alike who watch them and often consider themselves to be the heroes of the story. Picture credit: Animations Sharpen the Human Brain Over the last two decades one sees the popularity of the use of animations and other graphics increasing by leaps and bounds in the instructional media. Almost all schools rely on animations to teach the kids the basics and the teachers then add on to it. As Gilland (2009) correctly points out, around twenty years ago, one could not have imagined but now robotic schools are well thought for idea. This intrigues one to explore how animations are more effective than the teachers themselves. Block (2007) exclaims that it has been experimentally proven by various researches that animations on subject matters really improve a child’s retention and inference abilities. Instead of a teacher telling how Red Riding Hood got scared of the wolves, if a student gets to see it, he is able to infer it better and not only that, he retains the images better than words. The reason why animations Some of these reasons are associated with the affective role that graphics can fulfill. For example, animations may be aesthetically ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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