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Analysis of Looking for Work Story - Essay Example

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The author of the essay analyzes “Looking for Work”, a humorous story about the perception of a nine-year-old on perfect families. The story begins with a flashback that describes the author's unwavering desire for the perfect families in the family sitcoms.  …
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Analysis of Looking for Work Story
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Looking for Work Story"

Download file to see previous pages The flashback helps the audience see his satirical thoughts influenced by his juvenile and immature reasoning. By beginning the story with a flashback, Soto highlights how his thoughts have matured from his childhood to his present adult life.
The use of direct quotes of the author calling his siblings shows the author’s attempts to imitate the family set-ups he watched in his favorite program. The quotes are useful in creating an imagery of the author’s actions and his desire to mimic the perfect families on TV. Orr (82) explains that the use of satire throughout the story is the writer’s strongest aspect in constructing his arguments. The author asked his brother Rick and sister Debbie to put on shoes to the dinner table just like in the TV where people dress appropriately for dinner parties. However, Rick defied him and came to the dinner table with only his swim trunks on. The writer’s attempts to influence his siblings and his brother’s defiance occurred without the mother realizing.
The use of satire is more evident in the author’s use of an exclamation mark in the sentence “…to become wealthy, and right away!” The author is so obsessed with the rich lives of the families he watches on the TV such that he decides to take a rake and look for work in the neighborhood. Even though doing manual jobs such as cleaning using rakes cannot make one rich, the author still believes he can be rich. Even more satirical is the fact that the author walks in the neighborhood requesting to collect leaves in the summer. It is clear that the author’s obsession has impaired his judgment and reasoning. It is in the summer therefore, there are no leaves to clean up. However, the author’s insistence on the presence of leaves to clean up is ridiculous and discomforting.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Analysis of Looking for Work Story Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 3)
Analysis of Looking for Work Story Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 3.
“Analysis of Looking for Work Story Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 3”, n.d.
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