Inequality between the Rich and the Poor: Hunger Games - Essay Example

This paper seeks to discuss one of the themes of the Hunger Games, a science fiction novel which was written by Suzanne Collins and which is concerned with political issues on the nation. The theme that is going to be discussed in length is inequality between rich and poor…
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Inequality between the Rich and the Poor: Hunger Games
Download file to see previous pages Hunger Games is an event which is held annually which a boy and a girl in the 12 districts of that are around capitol compete in the mass media or the television. The young boy and the girl are 12-18 years who are selected from the 12 districts that surround capitol. Panem is the nation that Hunger Games took place which is in North America. This nation has 12 districts with Capitol being one of the districts that are the wealthiest district. All the other 12 districts are poor but District 12 is located in a region where coal is available in plenty, the region was known as Appalachia. In each and every district on annual basis, a boy and a girl who are in the age of 12 to 18 are taken where they compete in a battle of death where one individual should only remain after the battle. The selection of the participant is done by a lottery method.
In the theme of inequality between rich and poor in Panem wealth is concentrated on the hands of a few individuals who live in Capitol and other certain districts. This is due to the difference between individuals who are rich and those who are poor. This difference is revealed in the novel but the most notable difference is on food. In those districts which the poor are numerous, many of the individuals do not have anything to eat and they starve while others have plenty in the Panem. Katniss lives in the district 12 and thus as a resident, she notes starvation is common to all the residents of district 12. This means that she has to take all the measures possible so that she can get something for the family using illegal ways. She even goes to the extent of going beyond the borders of the district 12 so that she can get food for her family. Most of the residents in District 12 do not know to hunt and thus they see as if Katniss family has a lot while it was just something small. After the hunt, Katniss family concludes that if one has something to eat others are luxuries. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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