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The essay “Switched at Birth” looks at the story of two ladies, Martha Miller and Sue McDonald who were switched at birth. 43 years later, two letters from Sue’s biological mother; Martha’s legal guardian, change their lives. They get informed of the switch that happened accidentally at the hospital…
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Switched at Birth
Download file to see previous pages The revelation would also answer a lot of questions regarding her personality and mannerisms and the fact that her mother did not see eye to eye with the Millers, really scared her.
When Sue goes to her birth parents a month after receiving the letter, she is welcomed warmly and even gets to have a look at the photo albums so that she can see the rest of the family. There is a degree of awkwardness when she narrates about her upbringing and how her mother never had enough breast milk for her. When she broke the news to the McDonalds, they were shocked but were accepting of the situation and assured her that nothing was going to change and that they would always see her as their daughter.
In the case of Martha, she was bitter because she felt that her parents never accepted her for who she really is. She is an athletic individual and was hurt by the fact that her parents failed to attend her sporting events to show their support. What hurt her the most was when her mother told her that she had very low expectations of her because she was not her birth child. Her mother Mrs. Miller started referring to her as Martha McDonald, she had fully embraced Sue. Luckily for her. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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