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Discuss the role that the other plays in thinking about the humanities from cross-cultural perspectives - Book Report/Review Example

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‘Humanities’ is one subject that is so important in order to deeply understand the nature of human beings and the cultural backdrop they come from. However, it is imperative for an individual to understand one’s own cultural background and tradition before trying to…
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Discuss the role that the other plays in thinking about the humanities from cross-cultural perspectives
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"Discuss the role that the other plays in thinking about the humanities from cross-cultural perspectives"

Download file to see previous pages t was the renaissance that ushered in a new perspective of thinking and therefore scientists, artists and great thinkers moved away from the traditional domination of theology and brought in a more human- centered approach to learning and called the subject ‘Humanities’. In studying this subject, people gained a better understanding of other humans and this helped them to express themselves in a more humanistic, creative and realistic manner. Humanities does not limit
The 21st century, with all its advancement in Science and Technology, still provides an enviable place for the study of humanities, because the subject of humanities is as relevant today as it was in ancient times. It helps students nurture an open mind and makes them more sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others because it is not something that is abstract but on the other hand more human- centered. It develops one’s life and brings about a change by making them better human beings.
From a multicultural perspective, we do understand that when we come into contact with other people from other cultures, we not only gain knowledge about their cultural traditions but we also imbibe a little of it into our own lives and culture. Today, in this modern age, the traditional way of thinking and behavior is being replaced with a more open minded way of thinking due to multiculturalism and interpersonal relationships. One of the major reasons for such an outlook in life is that the world has shrunk considerably due to the advancement of Science and technology that has brought people much closer together than in ancient times.
In those days, culture and tradition was something that was just handed down from generation to generation and no one questioned its authenticity nor the essence of truth that it held. People blindly believed in what was told to them and never had the
courage to question it. A good example of such false belief can be found in the story by Ursula Le Guin titled “The Ones ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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