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To Reduce Your Likelihood of Your Murder - Book Report/Review Example

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The author of the current book review "To Reduce Your Likelihood of Your Murder" states that the text reads about apprehension about murder. The author seems to be talking to the referred woman while warning her to be careful with herself. …
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To Reduce Your Likelihood of Your Murder
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Extract of sample "To Reduce Your Likelihood of Your Murder"

Download file to see previous pages The author also warns the teenage girl to be wary of love. To begin with, it is not safe to love someone too much. It is neither safe to kiss the person one loves. Besides, it is dangerous to declare that one loves someone. The author mentions that everyone is a murderer. In this case, the girl is susceptible to murder. It is crucial for the girl not to venture outside at night. Furthermore, she should inform her mother about her whereabouts and the time she will come home from a night out. More essentially, such a person should not sleep so deeply. In the end, the author warns the girl to protect herself by carrying a knife, pepper spray, mace, and a gun. The author urges the teenage to spontaneous. In the last line, however, the story surprises the readers by saying that the teenage girl will die anyway.
It is essential to highlight that this text does not read as a short story. Instead, it reads like an instruction manual that is indispensable for maneuvering a complex life. All the same, the story uses a mild flashback as the author conceals the subject in the second paragraph. Before that, the audience is not aware of the direction of the short story. It, therefore, occurs that a subject is a vulnerable person of whom the society poses danger from all fronts.
The text thrives on contradictions. In the first paragraph, the protagonist receives a warning not to venture outside. The audience expects that once the subject receives a warning not to go on dates she may be allowed to go outside for other activities. In addition, the author warns the subject neither to go on dates with men who drive nor drive herself to date (Monson 64). In this case, the subject is torn between these two extremes of advice since she cannot choose. Besides, the author warns the girl to spend time neither with men friends nor with any friend at all. In the end, the girl will lack any friend. The author also tells the girl neither to stay home alone nor to venture out in public. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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