Mothers Influence and Childhood Values in Gorilla, My Love and Recitatif - Essay Example

The purpose of the following essay is to critically discuss the stories "Gorilla, My Love" written by Tony Cade Bambara and "Recitatif" by Toni Morrison. The essay provides a comparative analysis of both narrations specifically in terms of depicted parent-child relationships…
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Mothers Influence and Childhood Values in Gorilla, My Love and Recitatif

Extract of sample Mothers Influence and Childhood Values in Gorilla, My Love and Recitatif

Download file to see previous pages Hazel is the protagonist of ‘Gorilla, My Love’ and Twyla is the key narrator of ‘Recitation’. Both are strongly influenced by their mother. Hazel is an interesting mix of childish curiosity and strong demeanor that is intolerant of anything that is perceived as wrong and takes up the cudgel to fight for their rights, just like her mother. Hazel’s mother supports her unconditionally in her fight against any injustices. The writer confirms that her mother ‘come up there in a minute when them teachers start play in the dozens behind colored folks’. She had learned to fight for her rights, even when the opponents were much older than her! It was quite evident when she confronts a theater manager for a refund because the movie was not about ‘Gorilla, My Love’ but a religious movie. When she is not taken seriously and does not get a refund, she deliberately ‘lit a candy stand on fire’. This reflects Hazel’s strong will and her desire to be taken seriously.
Hazel’s shows the same tenacious nature when she is informed that her uncle had changed his name in order to get married. She is upset when Hunca Bubba becomes Uncle Vale which is unacceptable because it challenges the very values with which she was brought up, the values which forbid lying as bad. Moreover, her Hunca Bubba now cannot marry her as because ‘that was somebody else. I’m a new somebody’ (Bambara, 4). Hazel is confused and upset because of her beliefs that elders stick to what they say has now been shattered. The way children are not taken seriously and lied constantly on a small pretext by elders presents the dilemma of growing up that is probably faced by all children.
Twyla’s mother, on the other hand, tends to covertly influence her behavior which is reflected when they follow their morals in their growing up stage. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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