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Describing the morphology and behavior of zoo gorilla, white-handed gibbon and golden lion tamarin - Essay Example

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This section describes their behavior based on feeding, locomotion, resting, use of hands and feet. Gibbons are omnivores hence they eat meat and plants. 75% of their diet consists of fruits (Ronald).They also eat…
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Describing the morphology and behavior of zoo gorilla, white-handed gibbon and golden lion tamarin
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"Describing the morphology and behavior of zoo gorilla, white-handed gibbon and golden lion tamarin"

Download file to see previous pages These pads are called ischial callosities. They are extremely acrobatic and agile. They spend most of their times on trees .They move by swinging gracefully from branches and vines, a practice called branchiating. When they branchiate they use four fingers like a hook but the thumb is not used. When on the ground they walk bipedally.
Gorillas have the behavior of living in many social groupings called troops led by a dominant male called the silverback. They are primarily herbivores where they feed on roots, shoots fruits, wild celery, tree barks and foliage. In rear cases, they also feed on insects. These primates have thumbs that are opposable on their hands and feet which allow them to have firm grasp of objects and especially branches of trees. The gorillas may walk upright but they walk in a hunched quadrupedal fashion with their hands in a curled position and their knuckles also in a curled position. The armspan of the gorillas is long which allows them to walk in their quadruped led situation.
The Golden Lion Tamarin is of four species and this work covers its ecological factors. They feed mainly on fruits, and play an important role in seed dispersal. They also feed on flowers and nectar, and prey on small animals such as frogs, snails, lizards and spiders, and may opportunistically feed on gums, saps and latex from trees. Their communication is chemically through marked throughout the territories. Reproductive males and females scent and their non-productive counterparts rarely do so .They also uses visual vocals of their group and conspecifics. Hence they have a social structure. Reproductive males and females do the scent marking unlike the juveniles or non-reproductive individuals still in there natal the tamarin has tegulae which are claw like nails .This tegulae enables it to cling to the sides of the tree trunks. It may also move quadrupedally along the small branches whether ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Describing the Morphology and Behavior of Zoo Gorilla, White-Handed Essay.
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