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To study the morphology and behavior of primates in a zoo setting - Essay Example

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The United States has some of the best Zoos in the world with some hosting a 6000 contingent of animals where the locals and foreigners flock to view these animals. One such a zoo is the Bronx Zoo, which happens to host close to 6000 animals, which interestingly have over 600…
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To study the morphology and behavior of primates in a zoo setting
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"To study the morphology and behavior of primates in a zoo setting"

Download file to see previous pages In this zoo, there are thousands of primates, which makes the place one of its kind, and a lowland gorilla is one of the primates hosted here. On arrival at the zoo, the first sight was this animal in its quadrupedalism posture. This animal is mostly found in Africa in the countries of Gabon, Angola, Cameroon and Congo. The male Lowland gorilla is normally quite vulnerable to a heart disease known as cardiomyopathy ("Bronx Zoo” p.5). However, one does not have to travel all the way to Africa to view this animal thanks to the brilliant innovation at Bronx zoo.
The mandrill is another primate that was seen and one that made the one to remember for many days to come. Firstly, this animal demonstrated its competence in using its prehensile tail to grasp the tree branches. Upon further research, this animal also known as Madrillus sphinx was established to have originated from Equatorial Guinea. However, it is found in other African countries like Gabon and Congo. Horde is a name used to describe these animals when moving together as a group ("Bronx Zoo” p.6). Normally, these animals copulate in the months of June through to October; they have also been found to be the largest monkeys in the world. At times, these animals have also been viewed in arboreal locomotion in the Zoo while others do brachiation
In addition to viewing the aforementioned primates, Colobi were also present in Bronx zoo. This genus can be traced to Africa and countries like Kenya and Congo have these primates. The term colobi is used to refer to the colobus group of monkeys which include the white and black monkeys. This genus moves in a group of around nine animals, which participate in all mothering. When born, young colobuses are normally white but the color may change as they grow up. Sadly, this group of primates- just like every other animal- is prone to prey by many other predators ("Bronx Zoo” p.7). Poachers too pose a threat to these animals since its meat is widely thought ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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