Anthropologic Comparison Of Orangutans, Gorillas, And Chimpanzees - Essay Example

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Chimpanzees are the most social primates compared to both the orangutans and gorillas. The prime purpose of the paper "Anthropologic Comparison Of Orangutans, Gorillas, And Chimpanzees" is to discuss and contrast the social structure and behavior in the nature of primates…
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Anthropologic Comparison Of Orangutans, Gorillas, And Chimpanzees
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Anthropologic Comparison Of Orangutans, Gorillas, And Chimpanzees
Key Words: Orangutans, Chimpanzees, Gorillas
Orangutans contrary to other primates prefer solitary life especially the males who normally interact with their female gender only when they are mating (Payne & Prudente 102). Males after noticing the females have become disinterested after mating, they usually retreat to their normal life or search for other female groups that are sexually receptive (Payne & Prudente 98). However, this is not easy where sometimes the males end up fighting each other to dominate the female receptive groups. This is because the female orangutans unlike their male counterparts normally live in close social units. These encompass different mothers and their daughters before they reach puberty stage, though the latter after maturity they usually gang up with other same age group female orangutans (Maggioncalda 14). Studies have revealed that, female orangutans solely assume the responsibility of rearing their children whereas the males their work is over once they mate. This implies the male are not that social, which prompts their young males once they reach maturity leave their mothers to live the solitary life (Maggioncalda 14).
Chimpanzees are the most social primates compared to both the orangutans and gorillas (Haviland 59). Consequently, this is has prompted numerous scientists to refer to their social structure as "fusion-fission" due to the close-knit groups, which they normally maintain. Mainly these social units comprise of 10 chimpanzees where they usually move together from one place to another in search of food (Haviland 59). Contrary to the gorillas and orangutans, they usually keep strong family or community bonds that may carry on for a lifetime. Dominance in any group by males adopts the age’s hierarch, where the old chimp becomes the alpha primate, which is also evident among their females though they are under males. Chimpanzees unlike to the orangutans, they guard their territory by touring their boundaries. Once another male chimpanzee intrudes the territory, others gang up against the intruder. However, almost mature female chimpanzees are free to move from one group to another but still maintain their natal bond, which is contrary with the orangutans (Primate Infor Net).
Gorillas’ social structure is in between that of chimpanzees and orangutans. This is because one male commonly referred as silverback usually dominates one female troop; mainly for mating and protection purposes (O'Neil). Gorillas are most affectionate, which is evident from the long ours they normally spend grooming each other when not busy. Grooming role is extremely essential in their lives where in each group; members undertake this task in turns. The bond maintained in their respective group is particularly strong than that of chimpanzees to the extent no member would opt leaving the group without an apparent reason. Their close-knit social relationship mainly enables them to help each other during different predicaments. For example, the death of a young one or mother where all other members intervene with the necessary comfort and support. This is neither evident with the chimpanzees nor orangutans (O'Neil). Unlike the other primates, gorillas’ social bond is extremely strong to the extent when a male is confronting any intruder females usually intervene. This is to protect their loved one and if possible terminate the enemy to avoid future incidences of retaliation.
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