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The leadership of the land or the authority is in tension with the subjects. Furthermore, there is tension within the royal family. The nature and the people have…
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Oedipus Rex Essay
Download file to see previous pages Jocasta the wife of the king knows her destiny is due when the king realizes her role to the death of his father. King Oedipus anticipate the destiny of his leadership after realizing that he is a murderer and that he has married his biological mother.
The above is a dialogue between the king and the priest, who is one of his subjects. it clearly depicts the aspect of tension between the leadership and the subjects. In this conversation too, the concept of destiny is brought out. The priest is not sure of the king’s reaction towards his remarks about the topic of discussion.
PRIEST; “For our city, as you yourself can see, is badly shaken—she cannot raise her head above the depths of so much surging death. Disease infects fruit blossoms in our land; disease infects our herds of grazing cattle, (30) makes women in labor lose their children.”
These words of the priest show the tension between the people and the nature. Unless the right thing is done on the murder case, there is a likelihood of more bad things happening in the future. The concept of destiny is evident by the fact that the public is aware of their destiny with regards to the nature’s punishment.
It is, therefore, appropriate to conclude that; the use of tension and destiny in the play, intended to portray that; characters involved could not be held at ransom for their mistakes, since they did not clearly express themselves to one another and, therefore, did not understand the cause of their ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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