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Confucian elements - Essay Example

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The elements of both ethical and philosophy acquired from the Confucian are regarded as Confucian elements. These elements comprise of moral, political…
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Confucian elements
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Confucian elements

Download file to see previous pages... include: etiquette, prosperity, righteousness, trustworthiness, loyalty to the state, love within the family and humanness towards whereby the latter is the highest Confucian quality.
From the story about ogres, a significant element of Confucian evident in that account encompasses that of love. The element of love as well as family love is evident between the old man and woman. The old woman loves the old man such that she is willing and ready to share anything she come across with due to the feeling of being part of her suitor. From this love, this prmpted old women share the good peach she picked from the river whereby eventually it split to produce a beautiful baby boy (Adams 41). Another instance where love is evident as an element of Confucian is on the care given to the baby boy by the family of both the old man and the old woman (Adams 43). The boy is given a name, Momotaro, and given care as a result of love. The old man and the old woman express love in bring up the boy. They raised him carefully feeding him in the right way. As a result, the boy grows up strong and intelligent.
Prosperity is one of the examples of the Confucian elements evident in the story, Momotaro, the peach boy. Momotaro displays courage and strength in conquering Oni Island. Momotaro mobilised the monkey pheasant and dog in readiness of the attack. The magnitude in readiness of the attack terrified Oni who was in control of the island. This led to the surrender of the Oni on conditional agreement. Momotaro ordered Oni to desist from evil deeds that were common among them. On the act of surrender, the Oni general also gave out their treasure to Momotaro (Adams 42). Momotaro victory from the attack received praises from both the old woman and old man. Momotaro victory earned him great reward from the emperor when the news reached the emperor. Momotaro is a symbol of courage and strength as virtues of the Confucian. Such Confucian element is highly regarded, this is the reason why ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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