An Analysis of Alice Walkers Everyday Use - Essay Example

The writer of this essay will critically discuss the short story "Everyday Use" concerning the topics of stereotyping and discrimination. Specifically, the writer will focus on conducting the character analysis of the protagonists, investigating its views and flaws…
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An Analysis of Alice Walkers Everyday Use
Download file to see previous pages Alice Walker has presented three fictional characters and how they have evolved in order to conform to society. The protagonist of the story, who is the mother, has shown the reality that even within one’s specific family or culture, discrimination and oppression may live. She has struggled, fought and triumphed over the internal and external conflicts in her desire to preserve her traditions and beliefs.
Dee and Maggie’s mother has been aware of how things could have been better if her life was like on TV. She imagines herself as very womanly, far from the reality that her responsibilities made her think and act like a man (Walker 23-24). For colored or African American people, they have spent most of their lives in the shadows. Since the protagonist does not have formal education and wealth, she has restricted herself not to cross the imaginary line unless necessary.
She has lived her life with her two daughters: Dee, the arrogant and Maggie, the meek. Being a mother, her primary concern is to provide them their basic needs such as education, shelter, and protection. She has made an effort to give the former these needs while the latter, because of a fire accident, has been accustomed to staying at home to help. She is used to working hard and being strong enough to provide and defend her family. However, in the latter part of the story, her educated daughter is slowly turning to be one of those tyrants whom she fears.
She once believed that only the society and its people can oppress and discriminate her kind. Her idea of discrimination is just limited between the colored and the white, the rich and the poor, and the educated and the ignorant. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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