Compares and contrast the robots and the humans in Wall-E - Essay Example

WALL-E is one of the robots that were left to clean up the earth 700 hundred years ago by the humans who fled to space. All the other robots that were left with WALL-E broke…
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Compares and contrast the robots and the humans in Wall-E

Extract of sample Compares and contrast the robots and the humans in Wall-E

Download file to see previous pages In EVE’S quest, WALL-E follows her to the axiom where they both encounter problems from an automated robot like them, developed to destroy any vegetation giving signs that the earth is inhabitable again. WALL-E is destroyed in the process and he needs his spare parts, back on earth to be repaired and function properly. The humans could also be considered to need maintenance to function properly. The humans as portrayed in the movie, leave everything to the robots to do. Even the ship captain leaves the ship to an automated machine. They only eat and become obese. This represents lack of maintenance of humanity. Humanity was destroyed the moment they left everything for the robots to take care of and ran away to space after filling up the earth with garbage. Humanity does not allow creation of garbage that destroys the earth. The value of humanity was lost among humans. The characteristics of the humans in the movie show that if humanity had been maintained, the earth and humans could still be “functioning’ well. Consider ‘functioning’ in this case to represent normalcy.
The humans and the robots act as robots. Humans live an already programmed life in the ship with specific robots assigned different duties to guide their existence. The ship for example is automated to take them back to earth once EVE produces evidence of existence of vegetation on earth again. The robots are also programmed to perform specific functions. WALL-E is programmed to collect garbage and EVE to collect vegetation from earth.
Robots are portrayed as hardworking while humans are lazy. Humans have put machines in place to do almost everything for them. Robots on the other hand, perform all the duties they are programmed to do diligently. WALL-E still collected garbage even after 700 years of being left alone with other garbage collecting robots on earth. The robots have taken and adopted the human values while the humans have ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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