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They further become interesting as one explores one culture to another. Though separated by vast area of both land and sea, the different cultures had a sense of belonging and some attributes are similar between…
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Download file to see previous pages It thus becomes of importance to recognize the different creation stories in the world and accept them as they are without bias. It thus becomes a fundamental issue for creation stories to be studied thoroughly and they can be compared and contrasted, and similarly be respected. The purpose of this study is to elaborate, compare and contrast the creation stories of Islam and creativity (Bramsen 2009).
The Muslim creation story begins with a god and that if the god wants to create something, all he was to say was let it be and it became. He created the world and the heavens. He even created all forms of creatures to walk, crawl and fly all over the world. He also made the sun, moon, angels and stars to dwell in the universe in peace. The Quran continues and states that god poured down torrents of rain to break down the soil so that it could bring forth plants and the entire vegetation on the face of the earth. God commanded the angels to visit the earth so that they could pick up some types of soil so that man could be modeled. Then it was so and the first man was made and God named him Adam. God further went on and created the first woman and named her Eve so that they could live in paradise. Eve was made from the side of man. Adam was taught by God to give and name all creatures of the universe and the angel was ordered to bow down before Adam. However, Iblis one of God’s refused to follow the order and disobeyed God (Wolde 1997).
Adam and eve were placed in a very beautiful garden which looked like a paradise and they were allowed to eat anything they wanted other than the fruits on the trees. Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s direct commands and ate the fruit. When God found out, Adam and Eve were sent to earth because of their disobedience. Therefore, the purpose of the earth was to provide food and shelter to all mankind. Light was provided by the moon and the sun. Furthermore, the human race was to serve God by obeying him and his will as the Quran ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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CreationStories Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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