Thematic analysis of Stanzaic Le Morte Arthur - Essay Example

The research delves on different themes of the King Arthur story. Specifically, the research delves on the Stanzaic Le Morte Arthur portion of the King Arthur story. The stanzaic King Arthur story incorporates destiny, women’s role,…
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Thematic analysis of Stanzaic Le Morte Arthur

Extract of sample Thematic analysis of Stanzaic Le Morte Arthur

Download file to see previous pages In the current King Arthur story, Gawain is one of the loyal knights of King Arthur. After learning that Lancelot has betrayed King Arthur, Gawain seeks to avenge the traitorous acts of Lancelot. Gawain seeks to fight Lancelot and make him pay for stealing Guinevere from King Arthur. However, Gawain is not successful. When Gawain and Lancelot fight to the death, Lancelot proves he is stronger than Gawain in battle. As expected, Lancelot kills Gawain. The story shows that Gawain’s destiny is to die at the hands of Lancelot. Gawain’s destiny is to die in a fiercely fought battle. Lancelot successful kills Gawain in an evenly matched battle. In the evenly matched battle, Lancelot showed more fighting expertise, when compared to Gawain’s fighting prowess.
When Guinevere was falsely accused of murder, she calls for Lancelot to defend her honor in battle. Lancelot wins the battle (Archibald 97). The winning makes Guinevere fall in love again with Lancelot. In exchange, Guinevere and Lancelot make up. The King Arthur story shows that trials during the King Arthur era are done through battles.
Further, when one person questions the integrity of another person, trial is done by pitting one party’s champion against the opposing trial party’s selected champion. In the King Arthur story, Lancelot was able to participate actively in a trial. In the above trial, Guinevere would have been proven guilty for killing a Scotland knight if her champion loses the battle. However, Guinevere will be considered innocent if her chosen champion wins the battle (Archibald 97).
Mordred feels that it is his destiny or journey to replace King Arthur as the new king. When Arthur leaves to find Lancelot, King Arthur leaves his wife, Guinevere at the hands of his trusted knight, Mordred. However, Mordred acts to take the throne from King Arthur. Mordred announces that he will forcefully marry Guinevere. Previously, Mordred was one of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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